One of the most rigorous and despised parts of anyones workout are core-strengthening exercises. Abdominal exercises are often uncomfortable to perform, as most of them are required to be done lying flat on the floor. Churning out hundreds of crunches with little to no results can be frustrating. There are many machines and different products manufactured that are geared towards targeting the ab muscles, but most of these bulky contraptions end up collecting dust in the corner of the room, or becoming a catch-all for clothing.

They simply do not work as advertised. One of the ab belts as seen on TV, however, that has shown great promise and has proven to be effective in toning and tightening the ab muscles.

Ab belts are one of the newest solutions aimed at targeting stubborn belly fat. Imagine being able to tighten and tone your ab muscles while watching TV, doing the dishes, and even taking a nap! It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?


The Flex Belt is a revolutionary product that is designed to tone the mid-section by wearing a patented belt to stimulate the ab muscles. This amazing ab belt is actually FDA cleared and proven to firm, tone, and tighten the ab muscles. The Flex Belt has been clinically demonstrated and contains the latest patented medical-grade technology.

The Flex Belt works by utilizing EMS muscle stimulation technology. This process is automatic and generates deep, yet comfortable abdomen contractions deep within the muscles. Wearing the belt just thirty minutes per day produces noticeable changes in just a few short weeks.

ab toning beltsThe Flex Belt features three pre-positioned gel pads that are of medical-grade quality. These gel pads cover the central abdominal and external oblique sections of the abs. The electronic pulses stimulate nerves in the abdomen. These nerves reach out to muscle fibers and cause them to contract. This contraction is similar to when you perform an abdominal crunch. The exception is that the Flex Belt contracts the muscles on a deeper level which promotes faster, better results than a standard crunch. The Flex Belt is customizable to fit almost any body shape or size.

Whether you lead a busy lifestyle, have a hard time seeing abdominal results, or simply want to receive the benefits of working out without actually working out, The Flex Belt is the perfect solution. It safely tones the ab muscles, and in a fraction of the time.