ankle genie as seen on tvProduct Overview

The Ankle Genie is a Neoprene Ankle sleeve designed to alleviate foot pain and swollen ankles.

What the Product Claims to Do

Ankle Genie claim’s that if you suffer from foot fatigue or painful swollen ankles, using the product will relieve the pain and reduce the swelling, allowing you to stand and walk comfortably.


It seems that every great product has a unique selling proposition… that one positive that makes it distinctly different than other similar products – and so it is with the Ankle Genie.

The competitor to the Ankle Genie would be your standard everyday compression socks that basically perform the same function, but that’s where the comparisons end. Compression socks are notorious for being difficult to put on and then remove, especially for older folks and those who may have arthritis or difficulty with their hands.

The difference with Ankle Genie is the ingenious zipper design that allows you to slip the sleeve on and off with ease. But when fully zipped and the Velcro strap atop is applied, the sleeve forms to your leg comfortably, giving firm support to both your lower leg and ankle.

Final Review

While I don’t really suffer from foot or ankle pain, my mom, who works for hours on end on her feet at a retail store, certainly does. But I did try it for myself and yes, they were easy to get on and off… yes, they easily fit inside my shoes… and yes, they were comfortable and gave me excellent support. But… they needed to pass the litmus test and my mom was the one who would tell all.

My mom wore an Ankle Genie on each leg for three days at work and said that her foot fatigue and ankle swelling was reduced dramatically. The real telltale sign was that she usually takes a pain reliever when she comes home and she hasn’t done any Ibuprofen for the past three days. Mom also claims that it was comfortable in her shoes and actually forgot that she even had it on.

So, the Ankle Genie does serve a great purpose and in my opinion, definitely works as advertised.