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Cats Meow is a cat toy that entertains your cat as it mimics a moving mouse under while it helps keep your cat from destructive clawing and scratching.

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Your cats will go crazy for the Cats Meow cat toy!

Cat’s Meow is the all new toy that not only entertains your cat, it also helps to stop destructive clawing and scratching.

Keep your Cat or Kittens entertained with Cats Meow. This new As Seen on TV Canada cat toy has been widely featured on infomercials across Canada and the United States. Cat’s love playing with Cats Meow day and night as it mimics a mouse running around underneath a blanket keeping your cat chasing after it. You’re cat will never be bored again!

Cats Meow operates with just a push of a button and it will grab your cats attention with sudden random sweeps underneath the nylon skirt mimicking the movement of a mouse keeping them occupied for hours as their natural instinct kicks in as they try to stalk and pounce on top of their prey or just chase it round and round. It will keep them off your furniture, couches and chairs as they’ll be spending less time clawing and scratching at your possessions and completely focused with their new toy.

cats meow cat toyCat’s of all ages like the active wand as it switches speeds from fast to slow and side to side. Since it’s so lightweight it can be brought anywhere with you and your feline friend. It’s made from a durable rip stop nylon that can withstand your cats claws and operates on batteries. Give your older cats some exercise or just keep them out of trouble with the Cats Meow. Take advantage of the Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Offer today here at As Seen on TV Canada!

Features of the Cats Meow cats toy include:

  • Made of durable rip stop nylon
  • Battery operated Cats Meow toy operates anywhere your cat likes to play – you’ll enjoy hours of fun watching your cat & mouse!
  • Keep older cats active and healthy
  • Let your kitty enjoy hours of fun!

Your Offer Includes:

  • 1 Cats Meow toy
  • A second Cats Meow toy for FREE*!



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