flex seal

What is Flex Seal?

Flex Seal is one of the most popular As Seen On TV products for coating, sealing & stopping leaks. As described in the TV advertisement, Water damage can cost you thousands, and unexpected leaks can destroy your home!. This is so very true since water can easily damage anything inside the house, if you dont watch out carefully for leaks.

When the product first hit the market, it had a very obvious flaw, its color. Back in the day when you sprayed with Flex Seal, you were essentially spray-painting in black. And that, for most of the customers wasnt the best solution for their problem. This massive flaw made Flex Seal decide on creating a clear formula which would provide more value to their customers, so they came up with Clear, the clear version of the product.

The third version of the product is Brite which is basically a lighter and brighter version which could be used like the other two variations of the product to seep into cracks and holes, and dry to a watertight. The three of them are different variations of a flexible rubberizing coating that could work with a lot of things, including:

  • Gutters
  • Roofs
  • Pipes & More!
  • Window Trim
  • Cement Driveways
  • Fountains
  • Skylights
  • RVs & Campers
  • Chimneys
  • A/C Drip Pans
  • Duct Work & More!

This awesome product can also seal out water, almost instantly. It takes a little time till the solution is dry, then the water should be sealed out for years to come. Later on, it could also be painted in any color. Below is a short video to demonstrate how powerful this product is.

Not impressed yet? Well, below you can find some of the real customer reviews weve received:

Product works as advertised sealed the leaking eaves so that no longer does water drip down as you are trying to open the door to get in the house. Great Product -Larry Michael, OH

This Product totally works, just make sure you use a few coats and dont just load it on all at once or only use 1 coat. USE A FEW GOOD COATS and it will seal the leak. – Adam, WA

A great product and very useful in stopping leaks fast. Recommend. The product speaks for itself. I dont know anything else to write. Very useful around the house. – Ann Ramsey, CA

Did the trick as advertised. A product that lived up to its billing. Very happy with this stuff. – James T McGinn, NJ