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All In One
Nail Art System

With Hollywood Nails you’ll get perfect salon quality nails every time as it takes all the guess work out of accurately aligning your design on your nails.

hollywood nailsHollywood Nails are Fun, Flirty, Glamorous and Chic!

Get perfect nails every time like you just stepped out of a nail salon. The Hollywood Nail system guides and supports the hand and nail, helping to achieve salon quality nails at a fraction of the cost. Hollywood Nails are fun, flirty, glamorous and chic! This As Seen on TV all-in-one nail art system has become the hottest trend around since it takes all the guess work out of accurately aligning your design on your nails like other nail art kits which can be a nightmare. With Hollywood Nails you’ll get the perfect placement every time.

Women spend large amounts getting their nails professionally done in nail salons. It not requires finding time to visit these salons and can be quite expensive depending how often you frequent them. While many other nail art kits are available and many have been featured As Seen on TV, none can compare to the Hollywood Nails nail art systems which can be very tricky to use, be messy and difficult to align nail art patterns on your nails.

With Hollywood Nails you’ll get your nails looking glamorous with this easy to use nail art system whether you’re left handed or right handed. Not only does it work on your finger nails but you can also use it on your toes too. Simply lock down the product and align your nail with it. Apply the nail polish and stamp the desired design on your nails and voila! Salon quality nails in just seconds for you to flaunt.

Hollywood Divas have always had their influence and appeal amongst women of all ages since they’re seen as trend setters and dazzle their audience. Hollywood Nails allows you to emulate the chic look of these fashion divas and you’ll also be able to leave a lasting impression with both your personal and professional situations.

Whats Included:

  • Professional Nail Art System
  • 5 Image Plates
  • 2 Multi-color Image Plates
  • 2400 Rhinestones
  • Professional Nail Art Tool

 hollywood nails tv offerHollywood Features:

  • Perfect Placement
  • Salon Quality Designs
  • Saves Money
  • Use Left or Right Handed
  • Works on Toes

Offer Details:
For a limited time today’s order you will get the Hollywood Nails™ all-in-one nail art system including 5 Image plates for only $19.99 plus $7.95 P&H. You’ll also get 2 multi-color Image plates ABSOLUTELY FREE! And we’re not done yet! As an added BONUS you’ll get the 3D Bling kit including 2400 rhinestones and the professional nail art tool for FREE, just pay $5.95 P&H!

Tax and a $1.50 surcharge will be added to all orders from Canada.



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