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The Hurricane Spin Mop cleans floors better than traditional mops. This revolutionary As Seen on TV mop cleans, dries and polishes in one single step.

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The Hurricane Spin Mop has been featured As Seen on TV in both Canada and the United States. Cleaning floors can be such a chore however with the Hurricane 360 Mop it cleans, dries and polishes in one easy step.  There is no more need for harsh detergents either since it easily cleans behind toilets, cabinets, under table and chairs and other hard to reach places with little effort.

The Hurricane Spin Mop head is designed with a 360 swivel head that has 8,000 strands with gravity defying suction lock feature. It has an absorbing power which is strong enough to attract any dirt, grime or spills leaving your floors spotless and dry in no time. It literally sucks in the mess using its dirt trapping channel. The Hurricane Spin Mop’s Pro handle is made from a super-light alloy material which can lay flat allowing you to comfortably clean underneath areas such as beds, refrigerators and couches without ever having to move furniture or appliances. The mop head is machine washable so when you’re finished using it just toss it into the laundry machine. It also includes a quick release feature that turns the Hurricane Spin Mop into a duster.

The Hurricane Spin Mop’s wring-out bucket is also no ordinary mop bucket. It’s designed to do all the work for you. Just stick the mop head into the Hurricane 360 Bucket and  step on the foot pedal. As it spins using centrifugal force over 1000 RPM’s it extracts debris and liquid into the bucket drying the mop for you. No need to use your hands anymore for wringing or disposable pads.

hurricane mop cleaningHurricane 360 Spin Mop Features:

  • Clean baseboards without scratching
  • Pivots around corners, under furniture and appliances easily
  • Never bend down again
  • No drips or spills
  • No streaks or smears
  • Cuts cleaning time in half
  • Machine washable up to 300 times guaranteed
  • Easily picks up dust, hair, dirt and more without sweeping
  • Buffs wood, shines tiles and best for travertine and marble
  • No need to sweep the floor before using it
  • Never touch mop water again!
  • Excess water from the mop head is remove easily
  • Mop heads are machine washable
  • The spinning basket cleans the mop with every use

OFFER DETAILS: Order the Hurricane Spin Mop system for only $39.98 plus $12.99 Shipping & Handling! Also, get a Special Offer Hurricane Mop Microfiber Mop Head – just pay a separate fee of $7.99!

hurricane 360 mop


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