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Lumi Doh is the amazing luminous doh which has been widely featured As Seen on TV that glows that children love to play with day or night.


Fun and Easy to Use!

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Lumi Doh is the new popular kids toy that has widely featured across the United States and Canada and is now available here at As Seen on TV Canada. It’s the new glow-in-the-dark doh that kids love to play with since they can use their imagination to make teddy bears with glowing bellies, spider webs with bugs that glow, giraffes with necks that can move up and down, stars with glowing trails, sea creatures that glow underwater or whatever their minds can think of since the possibilities are endless.


This popular glow doh is super fun and easy to use. It is made from a super luminous silicone that can even glow underwater. It can stretch like rubber, mold like dough, has a glossy shine and doesn’t break apart. It can be baked in the oven to retain it’s shape. It’s non-toxic, anti-bacterial and doesn’t leave a mess or stain like similar products. When you leave Lumi Doh out it doesn’t dry out either so it can be reused. It can even glow underwater. Lumi Doh is the only doh that can turn into a glowing toy. It can be stretched and molded many times and always hold it’s shape. It can stick to walls, ceilings and counters. Traditional play doughs tend to dry up and lose their durability however with Lumi Doh you can count on it retaining it’s shape and be used over and over again.

Great for rainy days, day or night, kids can keep busy for hours creating works of art. Girls love making jewelry with it while boys love making animals with moving parts and when they’re finished with their creation they can ask mom and dad to bake it in the oven so it stays glowing and bendable forever. Lumi Doh is a great gift for birthdays and holidays. Lumi Doh is a great creative outlet for children as it allows them to use their imagination.

Features of Lumi Doh include:

  • Stretches like rubber and molds like dough
  • Never dries out or makes messes
  • Has a glossy shine and glows brightly in the dark
  • Non-toxic, anti-bacterial and washable
  • Make creations permanent by baking them

What’s included:

  • Lumi Doh in 5 Glowing Colors (Clear, Green, Pink, Magenta And Blue)
  • BONUS Black Doh, Playmat, Star Shape Cut Outs & Non-Stick Baking Sheet
  • 2nd Lumi Doh in 5 Glowing Colors (Clear, Green, Pink, Magenta And Blue)
  • 2nd BONUS Black Doh, Playmat, Star Shape Cut Outs & Non-Stick Baking Sheet

When Ordering Today, You Will Receive Lumi Doh In 5 GLOWING COLORS (Clear, Green, Pink, Magenta And Blue) for just $19.99 +$7.99 P&H. Plus you will receive the BONUS Black Doh, Playmat, Star Shape Cut Outs & Non-Stick Baking Sheet – For FREE!

Plus we will double your offer for FREE, just pay the separate $7.99 P&H.

This offer is covered by our 30- Day Money Back Guarantee less S&H. Sales tax will be applied to orders from CA.

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