msa 30xWhen I first got my MSA 30X I wondered if my hearing aids were similar to the MSA 30X hearing aid.

What I didn’t like about my old hearing aids was that they were really uncomfortable to wear during the day. My old hearing aids were large and bulky. When I wore them I felt like I was so old. People would notice that I was wearing hearing aids and then they would speak in a louder tone that would make conversation awkward. I didn’t want to be yelled at while I was talking with someone. I hated that my hearing aids were something that people first noticed about me. I wanted to feel normal and my hearing aids were not providing that for me.

Plus, I really disliked when people would talk really loudly with me while wearing my hearing aids because the extra volume would actually make my ears hurt more. Sometimes my hearing aids would even ring because they would talk so loudly.

I would set my hearing aids so that people wouldn’t have to speak up and so that I could hear them normally, but not everyone would understand that. It was really frustrating because while I would talk to people who would speak too loud I would have to turn down my hearing aids while talking to them and then turn up later while talking with someone else.

My old hearing aids were a hassle and I just didn’t like to wear them, but they were all I had to wear until I discovered the MSA 30X hearing aids.

What I actually learned about the MSA 30X hearing aids is that they are technically not hearing aids. The MSA 30X amplifiers are FDA listed as well. Through my experience I have found the MSA 30X to be better than my hearing aids.

MSA 30X are sound amplifiers, not MSA 30X hearing aids. The MSA 30X amplifiers can amplify sound up to 30 times its original sound volume. The MSA 30X sound amplifiers take waves that are directed to the ear and amplifies them to reach the ear drum.

The size of the MSA 30X sound amplifier is what I like most about them. They are small and contour the ears. And because of the size my MSA 30X sound amplifiers go unnoticed. The small size of the MSA 30X also makes them more comfortable. What also makes the MSA 30X more comfortable to wear are the silicone pieces (that are similar to the ones that attach to head phones) that attach onto the MSA 30X earpiece. There are 5 different sizes of silicone earpieces to accommodate different ear sizes. I picked the silicone piece size that fit in my ear best and that has made a huge difference in comfort.

I love that people hardly notice the MSA 30X sound amplifiers anymore. It makes me feel normal and like people are noticing me and not the fact that my hearing is bad.

I recommend the MSA 30X sound amplifiers to everyone. When I wear my MSA 30X hearing aid I can hear perfectly again and wearing them is easy.