The P90X Workout offers twelve intense workout DVDs, all targeting different areas of the body or workout techniques. Each DVD offers different types of benefits and works different types of muscles, ensuring beneficial “muscle confusion.”

What Is Muscle Confusion?

Muscle confusion is a term associated with the makers of P90X to describe the effects of varying an exercise routine. According to them, repeating the same exercise routine day after day results in muscles getting “used to” the stress, causing any progress to plateau. They claim that by changing the type of exercise routine completed on a daily basis, the muscles become confused, providing better results.


For a program claiming to offer super-intense workouts to get users the “ripped” body they have always wanted, yoga doesn’t seem like a type of exercise that would fit. However, utilizing the benefits of yoga goes back to the idea of muscle confusion, allowing different muscles to be used in varying ways. Yoga requires steady and consistent muscle control, as well as excellent balance.


Kenpo is a term that can apply to a number of different types of martial arts. In this case, however, it is referring to the punching and kicking aspect. The P90X Kenpo workout combines a rigorous cardiovascular workout with kicking and punching. This type of workout increases balance, coordination, and endurance.


Plyometrics is a popular type of exercise routine for professional athletes. Generally consisting of constant jumping, the P90X plyometrics routine uses this as a base for an explosive cardiovascular routine. This type of exercise is designed to improve nervous system function through the intense, powerful movements, known to improve athletic performance.

Core Synergistics

Core synergistics is based on the idea that the stronger the body’s core muscles are, the more efficiently the rest of the muscles function. In addition, strong core muscles help reduce the chance of injury while working out and just generally going about a typical day. The muscles that are generally considered part of the core are the abdominal muscles and back muscles, also allowing for better posture and fewer backaches.

Targeted Areas

Other targeted areas on different DVDs include the Legs & Back and Back & Biceps. Though these combinations may seem odd, the back is actually the foundation for arm and leg movement. Another workout targets the shoulders and arms, which work together to complete a number of arm movements. The Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps DVD focuses on strengthening the upper body as much as possible.

X Stretch

Though it may seem odd to devote an entire DVD to stretching, particularly one from an extremely high-intensity program, stretching is essential to any effective workout program. With the possibility of injury from any workout, stretching helps to lengthen the muscles, making them more pliable and less likely to tear. In addition, stretching is an important part of any exercise routine, even that of professional athletes.

A P90X workout can consist of any of these specific types of exercises. Even if “muscle confusion” is eventually shown not be an actual phenomenon, the sheer variety of different exercise routines can help ensure that mental boredom does not stop you from attaining your desired body.