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If you’re one of those people who’s in search for a trendy wallet that will finally provide you with enough space to place more cards then you’ll want to invest in getting an Aluma wallet. Like me you’ve probably seen this elegant, slim wallet on television and probably wondering if it’s worth the money. I’m here to write my own aluma wallet review to brag about how happy I was buying one. I’ve never even heard of the whole RFID thing before the infomercial brought it to my attention, but now that i know about how people can actually steal your financial information i’m glad I bought an aluma wallet. I had a panic attack not long ago when I lost my wallet at the gym which was thankfully returned but the first thing I did was put all my credit cards on hold. But who knew that people are actually capable of stealing the financial data while you’re credit cards are still in your posession. I thought this was just a gimick when I first heard it but after some reading it turns out that RFID fraud is happening. Aluma wallet can protect you against those you can steal financial data. This handy wallet is also water resistant which was another nice bonus but the Aluma Wallet itself really looks cool. It also comes in different colors which I liked, however the standard silver aluma wallet was the once i decided to go with. It also has a dispenser mechanism builti into it so that you can store different size coins conveniently. This wallet is a great organizer and well worth the money. Funny enough the last wallet I purchased was the buxton palm wallet which i was pretty happy with but the aluma wallet was a nice little change for me.

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Aluma Wallet
If you’re looking for a new wallet then you’ll want to get the new Aluma Wallet as it’s ultraslim, lightweight, sleek and easily holds it all. This trend wallet is water resistant so you don’t have to worry about getting the contents of your wallet wet which can be a headache if this ever happens sicne it can damage your cards chips and your cards may tear. Aluma Wallet is also an indestructible wallet so you don’t have to worry about getting your cards damaged. Aluma Wallet keeps all of your cards organized and it’s a wallet that both men and women can use. You can run Aluma Wallet under water or drive over it with a car as aluma wallet can withstand anything as it meets the claims in the infomercial. The leather wallet is a thing of the past so go out and get yourself an aluma wallet.

Aluma Wallet
I thought the grill daddy brush was a little too big. It does work very well in cleaning my grill but I have no idea why they made this grill brush the size it is. I found it did clean better than the grill cleaning brushes i’ve used in the past or any standard brush but I wouldn’t say it’s as great as the commercial leads you to believe. It does work well but doesn’t seem to be of the best quality.

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Cami Secret
Since I work in an elementary school it’s important that I stay covered up especially if I’m leaning over to help a child or tie a child’s shoe lace I can’t be overexposing myself. The cami secret was the perfect solution to cover my chest area. I was able to match the different camisole colors with different outfits depending on what i’m wearing which keeps me covered up and still fashionable. It came in pretty neutral colors that go with almost anything i wear. The cami secrets camisoles fill the gaps perfectly as they measure about 9 inches across and 5 inches across to the bottom. You couldn’t ask for more at the cost of 10 dollars and I was glad the shipping charges were cheap and the delivery was fast. A 5 Star product all the way!

Baby Bullet System
I think it’s should common knowledget that feeding your baby the purest and organic food is the best way to ensure they grow up healthy and have a strong immune system. The Baby Bullet is a new revolutionary kitchen blender allowing you to make the freshest and healthiest food for your baby. The Baby Bullet allows you to make food that’s preservative free in just seconds. You baby will love the baby bullet. The cost of the baby bullet is nothing compared to the amount of money you will save in buying baby food at the grocery store. Baby bullet is made with the highest quality materials and this product is truely durable. It came with many items when I received the order including a spatula, batch bowl, two short cups, the power base, milling blade, a baby blend blade and an easy to follow manual with cookbook to get you started with your Baby Bullet. I assure you that the Baby Bullet Cookbook will be the most used item as you prepare your baby delicious baby food. The Baby Bullet cookbook covers many topics for feeding your baby for the first 18 months of their life. I’m really happy I bought the baby bullet blender and highly recommend it to other parents who want to feed their babies the healthiest food.

Ab Circle Pro Ab Machine
I think almost everyone that owns a TV set has seen the Ab Circle Pro infomercial which I might add is one of the most aesthetically pleasing to watch since Jennifer Nicole Lee is super hot. As a personal trainer I have to say that the Ab Circle Pro is a great fitness machine but I find is not meant for everyone. It’s great because it’s portable and I can take it with me to my clients homes. It definitely burns belly fat and targets your abs.

Rhonda Shear Ahh Bra
After watching the infomercials for the Ahh Bra i finally decided to purchase it. As a woman with a large bust I can honestly say that this bra offered no support whatsoever for me. I was skeptical about buying the ahh bra since I normally wouldn’t buy clothing off of an infomercial. I found the straps didn’t lay flat as it claimed but instead they curled up. Although the delivery the product was very quick I sent them right back. I would not recommend buying the ahh bra at all.

Flex Belt Ab Toning Belt
I’ve seen great results after incorporating the flex belt into my fitness routine. It’s so much better than any ab product or machine i’ve ever used in the past. Overall the slenderone flex belt works great mostly because i don’t have to do sits up which i never look forward to. I think this product is for people who already have a workout regime but not for someone who is morbidly obese trying to lose inches. If you have a waist that is more than 47 inches then you probably won’t find much use for this product. I did feel a little sore after the first few times i started using this ab belt but now it actually feels like an ab massage than anything else and I stopped getting any soreness as time passed. I does get my ab muscles fired and the stimulation is better than any ab exercise i’ve done before. This is probably the best money you’ll ever spend on a ab workout product. Part of my workout routine is now spent on a couch wearing the flex belt while watching my favorite shows and I don’t have to ever do another situp or crunch. If you’re looking to tone your abs then you’ll love the flex belt. This product will not magically give you a set up abs as you need to diet most importantly and decrease your body fat which will expose your abs but using the flex belt in conjunction with diet and your workout routine you’ll be on your way to decreasing your waist and strengthening and toning your abs. I suggest putting hand sanitizer on the pads after a workout session to keep them sticky. Even if you’re someone who’s looking to change up their routine or improve their core exercises then you’ll want to buy this ab belt. It’s well designed and worth the price.