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When I go out now I don’t want to take my purse with me which is most of the time and I’m really tired of lugging around big bulk bags so I decided to purchase the Aluma Wallet online and I have never looked back as it has been a real life saver for me. I put all my credit cards, bank cards and ID in my aluma wallet and I’m all set to go out. It also holds cash as well and the best thing is that i don’t have to go digging into my purse to get anything anymore because I have everything I need right with me. I’ve had problems with cards getting bent in the past but the great thing about the aluma wallet is that it’s waterproof and protects your cards from damage. It’s actually very fashionable and people have asked me where i bought it after pulling it out to pay for things. I think man or woman if you’re on the market looking for a new wallet then this is one that you’ll want to buy. It’s slim and fashionable for either guys or girls and you’ll find it very convenient since it will hold all your cards, money, license and other valuables securely. It’s amazing what you can fit in the aluma wallet. I don’t think i’ll ever go back to using traditional wallets because this new style of aluminum wallet is the way to go allowing you to access your cards easily while protecting them. I love aluma wallet and give it full points!

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Olde Brooklyn Lantern
I’ve gone through flash lights over the years which always required buying new batteries and weren’t nearly as useful as the olde brooklyn lantern during an outage and you won’t have to sift through your drawers looking for batteries since it lasts so long. It does work as advertised and nicely brights up a room. It actually looks really nice and is well made since it isn’t made from cheap plastic but actual metal but isn’t heavy and is shatterproof. I didn’t think having this lantern would be as useful as i thought it was since we did bring the lanterns with us on a family camping trip and whenever we needed to go to the bathroom at night or navigating in the dark it was very easy with the olde brooklyn lantern and you’ll realize how bright 12 LED lights are when you’re in the woods. It’s a very attractive lantern so we leave it out on our porch and whenever we have friends over we just turn on a couple lanterns and we get plenty of light on our front porch or if we’re hanging out in the backyard. Since it’s not a real flame you don’t have to worry about fire hazards and burning your house down. For the price you can’t go wrong with this amazing led lantern.