Comment on Aluma Wallet by Paula.

I had to write an aluma wallet review because this product does live up to all the hype. You might be asking yourself why do you need an aluma wallet well i’ll let you know what the advantages are from my own personal aluma wallet review and you can go out and make your own decision. These wallets are very durable since they are made out of aluminum which makes them stronger than your traditional leather or plastic wallets. The Aluma Wallet is waterproof as well so you don’t have to worry about the cards or money inside getting ruined. The aluma wallet is very stylish and trendy, in fact whenever i pullet it out at a store the cashiers usually ask me where I got my wallet from. The aluma wallet comes in many different colors instead of just silver look. The only other wallet I can say I’m a big fan of is the buxton palm wallet, but overall i’m extremely happy with my Aluma Wallet and the price was just right!