Comment on SnoreRX Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece by Anthony.

I’ve had an issue for a long time I decided to finally take action because I couldn’t stand not getting a proper nights sleep and worse my wife was losing sleep over my uncontrollable and loud snoring problem. I looked at different options to stop snoring and came across many anti-snoring mouthpieces which all seemed to do the same thing and make the same claims. I saw the SnoreRX advertised a lot on youtube and read some reviews about it from customers who had purchased it which made me give it a try. From observing the snore rx mouthpiece it looks like a high quality device that allows micro adjustments unlike the similar competing products. I found it very comfortable to wear before I went to bed and it successfully worked to stop my storing. Both my wife and I can sleep in peace at night and feel more energized the next day when we got to work.