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You get 16 Style Snaps™ for just $10.00 +$7.99 P&H – That is a $40 Value! Plus – We will double your offer for FREE, just pay the additional $7.99 P&H – You will get 32 total Style Snaps™, enough to snap and hem a closet full of clothes, in this special offer! If Style Snaps™ not the best way to change your hem your hem again and again return it for a full refund of the purchase price!


style snapsThe Worlds First Snap and Hem Solution!

With Style Snaps, you can instantly adjust the hem of your pants without sewing, gluing, or ironing. Style Snaps extend the capabilities of your wardrobe. If your favorite pair of pants is designed to be worn with heels, Style Snaps let you quickly shorten the pants to be worn with flats. When you are ready to wear heels again, just remove the Style Snaps. Because Style Snaps are not permanent, you can change your hem as often as you change your shoes!

Invented by writer/director Kara Harshbarger and actress Melissa George, Style Snaps are reusable, adjustable, and safe for any fabric. To use StyleSnaps, simply peel the backing off the adhesive Style Snaps, place them wherever you want your hem, fold, snap, and go!

Style Snaps aren’t just for hems:

• Keep lapels in place
• Stop belts from slipping
• Eliminate gaps in shirts

When you order one set of 16 Style Snaps, you’ll receive a second set free (just pay additional shipping and handling). With 32 StyleSnaps, you’ll be able to wear all your favorite pants with any shoes you want!

Product Information:

  • World’s first snap and hem solution
  • Make your jeans work with every shoe in the closet
  • Change your hem as often as you change your shoes
  • Adjustable, reusable and safe on any type of fabric
  • Invented by writer and director Kara Harshbarger and actress Melissa George
  • Can also be used to modify lapels, belts and shirts
  • Special double offer: 32 total Style Snaps

Style Snaps were invented by  writer and director Kara Harshbarger along with her friend, actress Melissa George.  Melissa had just been to New York City and discussed with Kara she was annoyed with the problem of her long hem dragging up and down the Big Apple sidewalks. Later Style Snaps was produced to address the issue for women everywhere.


1 review for Style Snaps

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Style Snaps is the new way of hemming that is non-permanent. Style Snaps is such a great product because it gives you the freedom to adjust and redo hems easily thanks to the non-permanent feature. Style Snaps does not use needles and sewing which makes it so easy to use for just about anyone. I first saw the style snaps infomercial on television and decided that I was going to give it a try since I was already spending the equivalent in paying my tailor to hem my pants every time i went to go visit them. I liked how I can finally walk out of a store with a new pair of pants and be able to hem them in just minutes regardless of the length since I can just snap on the Style Snaps. I’m really happy with the product otherwise I wouldn’t have been here writing this Style Snaps review. This product deserves 5 stars all the way!

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