Comment on Tag Away Skin Tag Remover by Patricia.

Not sure why you can’t buy this product in Canada since it’s made from all natural ingredients but since Tag Away isn’t available in Canada I had my sister in Boston order it for me and mail it to come. I had some small skin tags on the back of my neck which i’ve been wanting to get rid of for a long time now and this product has been a blessing since it didn’t require any painful or gross method of removing the skin tags with a string or a clipper which i’d imagine might have resulted in bleeding. This product works well at removing them since it just dries them up and they eventually just fall off. Reading the ingredients which are contained in this product such as thuja occidentalis, ricinus communis seed oil, cedar leaf oil and melaleuca oil are all natural plant derivitives. I’m sure this product would be a hit in Canada if it was here because it’s worked so well for me.