Comment on Tag Away Skin Tag Remover by Carol.

After having kids I put on a lot of weight which might have been the catalyst that lead to developing my many skin tags. Skin tags was a term or skin bump that I was never familiar with but I did see them occasionally on older people and thought it was just a different kind of mole. If you have skin tags though you don’t have to get them surgically removed when you can just use Tag Away. I felt comfortable using Tag Away because it was made from all natural ingredients. I did see a doctor about my skin tag problem and he recommended getting cryosurgery which would have costed money since it was for cosmetic reasons since skin tags are harmless and non-cancerous. It did take time for my skin tags to dissapear but eventually this skin tag remedy worked as they dried up over the weeks and eventually were gone. This stuff is safe and doesn’t leave scarring and best of all not expensive at all. I wouldn’t think that the cure for my skin problem would have come from an as seen on tv product. I now look healthier and my skin looks as it once did before I had my children and i feel more beautiful and confident these days. I love this product!