Comment on Tag Away Skin Tag Remover by Romina.

I was really happy with this skin tag remedy since I was able to get rid of skin tags which had formed on my neck and underarms. They looked really gross and I wasn’t really sure whether to pay a visit to my dermatologist or one of the sketchy removal methods I’ve read online like using nail clippers or dental floss considering I’m dealing with ripping or squeezing hanging flesh on my body which to me sounds like a disgusting way to deal with the problem. I ordered the tag away online since it was only a $20 dollar purchase and the delivery was pretty fast. It took only 5 weeks to see some results as the skin tags eventually dried up and fell off while some looked like they were in the process of eventually falling off. I don’t have any marks where the skin tags were removed. If you have skin tags this is probably your safest and less disgusting way of getting rid of them. Sure it might take a little longer than other methods but at least you’re not ripping flesh off your body. The only issue I had with tag away was it had a bit of a potent smell but I could easily deal with that to get rid of my skin tags.