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Buy one Bell + Howell Torch-Lite for $10.00 plus $5.95 S&H and get a FREE Bonus Bell + Howell Torch-Lite,just pay $5.95 S&H.

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Bell + Howell Torch Lite LED Light can last over 100, 000 hours!

Bell + Howell LED Torch Light & Flashlight is a new super bright light that everyone needs to have around.  Bell + Howell LED Torch Light & Flashlight is perfect for your camping trips, or to keep in your car in case of emergency.  With its 33 ultra bright LED lights, it provides 72 lumens of light, making it an item to keep handy in every room of the house. Keep by your bed in case of a power outage ensuring you will never be left in the dark.  Because the Bell + Howell LED Torch Light & Flashlight has a wider beam of light than most flashlights, it will light up an entire room.  With the Bell + Howell LED Torch Light & Flashlight and it’s 100,000 or more hours of light, you will never be in the dark again.

Bell + Howell LED Torch Light & Flashlight has many versatile features making it perfect any situation where you may need a little extra lighting. It has a high powered magnetic base to keep it in place and keep a steady stream of light available while you are working. Just easily attach the Bell + Howell LED Torch Light & Flashlight to any metal surface. The Bell + Howell LED Torch Light & Flashlight is equipped with an adjustable arm which allows you to move it into 6 different preset positions, making the light beam shine anywhere you may need it to be. You can tilt the Bell + Howell LED Torch Light & Flashlight an amazing 180 degrees, giving you even more flexibility.  The Bell + Howell LED Torch Light & Flashlight can also be used in your home as an extra lamp, giving you more light to do the things you need and want to do in an unlit or dim area of your home or office, like writing letters, or doing crossword puzzles, or reading a book, or even crafts. The Bell + Howell LED Torch Light & Flashlight will be there when you need it. Bell + Howell LED Torch Light & Flashlight also has a handy hook on top so that you can hang it up high or from your car’s hood, or a shelf, making it easy to rotate a full 360 degrees, providing the brightest possible light right where you need it.

The Bell + Howell LED Torch Light & Flashlight is so great that you can use it as a torch to reach a wide area and light up an entire room, or set to the more narrow beam of light to use it as a flashlight when you want to just light up a small area.  The Bell + Howell LED Torch Light & Flashlight is the only hand held light source you will ever need. Attach the Bell + Howell LED Torch Light & Flashlight by its strong magnetic base to your barbeque grill when grilling so you can easily prepare grilled meals at any time of night. Use the handy hook to hang from your patio when enjoying a nice spring evening outside.  Stand it up under a cabinet when doing plumbing repairs and all of your work area will be brightly lit up for you. Take the Bell + Howell LED Torch Light & Flashlight fishing with you and hang from a bridge or dock and fish all night.  Having the Bell + Howell LED Torch Light & Flashlight will make your life easier.

The Bell + Howell LED Torch Light & Flashlight is a good quality product, made to last for years to come.  It is durably constructed, resistant to impact, and weather proof, making it the perfect solution for any situation where extra light is needed.

What makes the Bell + Howell LED Torch Light & Flashlight so great?

  • Provides more than 100,000 of light
  • Puts out 72 lumens of light with its 33 LED lights
  • Shines a wide beam of light or a narrow beam of light
  • Comes with a handy magnetic base, a built in hook or handle, and a sturdy design
  • Hands free or table top use
  • Extra wide beam illuminates large spaces from corner to corner
  • Easy to afford one for car and home
  • 6 positions rotating at 180 degrees
  • Hang from hook for 360 degree rotation
  • Easily stores in a drawer or glove box or tool box or even a purse

You can’t afford to live without the Bell + Howell LED Torch Light & Flashlight.  Get yours today.

5 reviews for Torch Lite LED Light

  1. Chris

    The Bell+Howell Torch Lite is much better than a regular flash light. Depending on what you’re using it for you can shoot it as a straight beam or light up an area with a wide spread light. I was looking at a few different versions of these torch/lantern led lights but based on reading some torch light reviews it seemed like a pretty popular product. I was very impressed with the durability of this product since I’ve dropped it a number of times without any damage. I had a flat tire a few weeks ago which is when the Bell+Howell Torch Lite really came in handy. Since it has a magnetic base I stuck it against the top of the wheel well as I changed the tire. I don’t know what I would have done without it. I would highly recommend buying the Bell+Howell Torch Lite if you’re looking into buying a flashlight or similar product.

  2. Michael Loftis

    PIECE OF JUNK! Broke the very day i opened it,and all 4 of them broke exactly in the same manner.It is suppose to pivot in 8 positions,but was stuck and wouldn’t pivot at all.And when it did pivot,it broke.And i was very gently with it,but all foiur still broke.And now the base with magnet on it,it won’t stay hooked up to the light.Too miuch trouble mailing it5 back for refund,so i’m going to EBAY to buy one almost the same,except it is built better and cheaper priced.DO NOT BUY this bell & howell piece of JUNK!

  3. Mike

    The torch lite really came in handy when the lights went out. I was able to easily navigate around my house. It’s so much better than using a regular flashlight. I don’t think the quality of the product is as good as some torch lite reviews make it seem but overall it’s worth the money. I normally keep it in the trunk of my SUV just in case I get stuck on the side of the road at night on a dark road. I can see it coming in handy when I go fishing or camping when the weather gets nice.

  4. Liam

    The Torch Lite Led light is very useful with a flashlight type capability, and also an area light. The bulbs are very long lasting type, and the device will stand up on its own to illuminate a small area. This is great for camping or for any area where AC devices cannot reach. It packs well, seems very durable, and seems to last for hours on battery power. I bought a few of these, and during our winter power loss in the Philadelphia area, they came in very handy. Very good value for the price!

  5. Joanne Bascom

    I purchased a “Groupon” for 4 of these LED flshlights and waited many months for delivery. Now there is a charge of $55.81 on my credt card. How did that happen. Please refind my money as I paid for these lights through the “Groupon.
    Thank you

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