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VitalSleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece


The VitalSleep Mouthpiece is an As Seen on TV product that has been widely featured across infomercials in Canada and the United States. This revolutionary snoring solution is both FDA cleared and BPA Free and will help those.

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VitalSleep Mouthpiece

The VitalSleep Mouthpiece is a anti-snoring mouthpiece that is both FDA cleared and BPA Free.

  • It provides free air flow into your lungs while you sleep
  • You’ll get quality and restorative sleep that will allow you to be more rested, productive and healthy during the day
  • Your spouse or partner will appreciate the uninterrupted sleep
  • Be more wake and energetic in the morning

Sleeping is as necessary for our well-being, health and vital to our lives as water and air. Research has show that individuals who do not get enough sleep are at a higher risk of chronic diseases, heart attacks, anxiety and stroke. The Mayo Clinic has discovered that partners of snorers will wake up an average of 21 times an hour. Snoring has become such an impact on marriages that 10% of couples in the UK have considered splitting due to snoring issues. Instead of dealing with the negative consequences of snoring one solution can have a major impact to help snorers and their partners called VitalSleep.

VitalSleep’s anti-snoring mouthpiece has been recommended by doctors and dentists as a snoring solution and has been popular based on customer reviews. VitalSleep is made in the United States and offers a money-back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with this anti-snoring mouthpiece.

VitalSleep Features:

  • Custom fit and adjustable
  • Allows better breathing through mouth and nose while you sleep
  • A protective and durable case for the VitalSleep mouthpiece
  • Comes in 2 sizes: Regular for men and Small for women
  • Provides 365 days of free replacements

VitalSleeps mission is to provide a every snorer their right to a good night’s sleep. Unlike competitors which have flood the media with expensive ad campaigns which may higher actors and TV spots, VitalSleep puts the cost back into the product which is why it’s more affordable and no hidden fees. Other snoring mouthpieces tend to advertise with a much lower price but the purchase price is a lot more expensive than the cost of VitalSleep. Instead of relying on media advertising, VitalSleep believes that satisfied customers are the best advertising. If you are suffering from snoring you’ll want to consider this anti-snoring mouthpiece today!

What causes snoring ?

Snoring is the result of a disruptive and turbulent sound which is  typically caused by an obstructed air passage which is what causes a vibration from the back of the throat which causes the sound we hear. When we sleep the lower jaw slackens and the tongue relaxes and can fall back blocking the air passage which make make it more difficult to breathe. VitalSleep is an anti-snoring mouthpiece that will provide the restorative and uninterrupted sleep that will make you feel more rested in the morning and not keep your spouse or partner awake during the night.

How does the VitalSleep Mouthpiece work ?

VitalSleep is a customizable (boil and bite) mouthpiece that is flexible and comfortable enough for you to wear while you sleep. It adjusts and holds the lower jaw forward and suppresses the tongue from moving backward without blocking the airways. You can sleep soundly as VitalSleep helps to open the upper airways thus allowing unrestricted breathing while you sleep.

 Why is VitalSleep is so effective?

VitalSleep employs attention to detail in the design and technology which makes it superior to other anti-snoring mouthpieces on the market which is why there is no need for any marketing gimmicks or bait-and-switch tactics. Customers can enjoy piece of mind through an affordable price, a year of free replacements, no recurring fees and a 30 day money-back guarantee.


  • VitalSleep is available in 2 sizes guaranteed for the right fit, regular and small
  • The VitalSleep mouthpiece’s boil-and-bite design ensures a customizable fit
  • VitalSleep is both flexible and comfortable and feels natural in your mouth
  • Sleep in any position and enjoy breathing through your mouth and nose normally


  • Vital Sleep is designed with an adjustable sliding mechanism which provides you to micro-adjust the mouthpiece for the best results using a mini hex key which is included with your purchase
  • VitalSleep uses mandibular positioning which moves your jaw forward to open your airways while providing space for your tongue
  • VitalSleep is manufactured in the US and is both BPA-free and Latex-FREE. While other products may be FDA-cleared this does not mean they are BPA and Latex FREE. VitalSleep does not contain any potentially harful products.


  • VitalSleep requires minimal maintenance as it can be easily cleaned with a toothbrush and toothpaste. You can also use denture cleaner. Be sure to store it in the protective case.
  • It takes less than 5 minutes to customize the VitalSleep mouthpiece. Simply immerse the anti-snoring mouthpiece in boiling water for 10 seconds, then bite to adjust fit. It is recommended to follow instructions that are included with your order.


  • VitalSleep is easy on the eye. It’s semi-opaque which is not not visually unpleasant unlike other mouthpieces which may look like a boxers mouth guard.

Customer Service:

  • Customer Service is prompt, person and thorough with any questions, issues or concerns
  • VitalSleep will handle any refunds and replacements without delay
  • Orders are processed within 24 hours
  • VitalSleep order includes a 100% money-back guarantee
  • Order includes 1 year of free replacements

VitalSleep will provide you with the deep, restorative sleep you deserve. Not only does it improve your well-being but also improves memory, creativity, focus, concentration and physical coordination. It will also alleviate stress and anxiety. With the good night sleep that VitalSleep provides you’ll also be able to maintain healthy weight, increase energy and metabolism and extend your life-span.



2 reviews for VitalSleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

  1. Randy

    I looked into getting a custom fitted mouthpiece at the dentist but it was too expensive. I caught a few infomercials on TV which peaked my interest so I looked up a few anti-snoring mouthpieces online and there seems to be quite a few of them. I looked at popular ones such as snorerx and zquiet but eventually settled for vitalsleep since it seemed to have more satisfied customers and it also didn’t cost nearly as much as the other options. Much like other mouthpieces VitalSleep is jaw correcting which holds the jaw in the right position while sleeping. I was very impressed with the material and how easy it was to get it to custom fit to my mouth. The first night I used it I found it a bit uncomfortable but now I’m completely used to it. My wife had to deal with my snoring for a long time but it’s something nobody can ever get used to. Both of us get a good night’s sleep at night thanks to VitalSleep. This product has my approval.

  2. Tony

    I bought this VitaSleep mouthpiece hoping this would work. At last, something that works all the time. The wife gets a good nights sleep, and no kicks or slaps during the night for waking her up. Top tip – keep the back of the spoon in the gap, until set and cooled under the tap. Minus points – mouth gets a bit dry (no big deal), and it can fall out when asleep. All in all, the best answer to my snoring problem.

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