Do you need a guaranteed way of getting your body into shape? Chalene Johnson is well known in the fitness world and has kicked many-a-lazy butt into butt-kicking shape. Her own body is an amazing advertisement for her fitness programs in itself! Her new total-body fitness routine, Turbo Fire, once again produced in conjunction with Beachbody, is the most effective yet.

Chalene is a feisty host and will inspire, cajole, motivate and push you through the routines to reach your absolute best. Its difficult not to like the blonde bombshell, what with her cheeky quips and adventurous sense of humor. All this makes it that much easier for you to reach your fitness goal.

One aspect of Turbo Fire that is worthy of special mention is the soundtrack. Most exercise programs have fairly generic soundtracks, but Chalene apparently has other ideas about what should accompany her workouts. This time shes really hit the nail on the head with 20 outstanding mixes that really get you in the mood to bust-a-move.

Burn it with Fire

There is an optional New to Class DVD which covers the basics and youll be introduced to the fundamental principle of Turbo Fire. This workout secret is called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) which as Chalene explains, is a combination of routines that ensures your body keeps burning away the fat long after you’ve stopped exercising.

The main butt-kicking parts of the program can be divided into four: The “Fire” series which takes care of cardio once and for all. “HIIT” as explained above, “Core” which focuses attention on your abs and “Sculpt” a resistance-training based routine which will carve beautifully defined muscle into your figure.

Turbo Fire gets faster

The program can be used as a 90-day workout schedule, or if you purchase the advanced classes, a 140 day schedule that lets you raise the bar on your personal fitness goals even higher. Also included in the set are the requisite fitness guide and class schedule, to make sure you stay on track and also a lower-body resistance band for maximizing your muscle-sculpting gains.

Turbo Fire is a very complete home exercise program and continues Chalenes excellent run of highly successful programs, once again raising the bar on what both she and you can accomplish in the comfort of your living room.