Vital Sleep

Millions of people across the globe are snorers. Not only are these people losing sleep because of this condition, those around them are as well! There are many products on the market that claim to be the end all cure for snoring, but the fact is; most of them do not work. Vital Sleep is one of the VERY few products available that actually produces clinically proven results.

Snoring and Me

I have been a snorer my entire life; this is due to severe allergies. I have a different major allergy every season, so I am subject to many sleepless nights all year round. Even after many years with this condition, I have never gotten used to it. I can’t even estimate the amount of times I would finally start to doze off, only to be snapped back out of sleep to my own snoring.

What is Vital Sleep?

Vital Sleep is an FDA approved mouth guard with a simple and effective design that has promises:

  • A free flow of air in and out of your lungs throughout the night
  • The deep, restorative sleep you need to feel rested, healthy, and productive
  • A grateful partner, who will also experience the benefits of uninterrupted sleep
  • Mornings full of promise, as you awake alert, energetic, and focused

Features Include:

  • Adjustable and customizable fit
  • The ability to breathe through your mouth or your nose
  • A durable case to protect your anti snoring mouthpiece
  • Snoring Mouth guard available in two sizes: Regular for men and Small for women
  • One full year of free replacements

Does it Really Work?

My girlfriend’s mood in the morning is usually a good gauge for me to tell how severe my snoring was the night before. I end up feeling horrible and try to stay up as long as possible to let her get some sleep, but that is not always possible. After the first night I had used Vital Sleep, my girlfriend let me know that I hadn’t snored at all. I wasn’t going to prematurely decide that this was finally the cure I had been looking for, so I held back my excitement. After a WEEK of sleeping with incident, I was ready to announce it to the world.

I didn’t realize just how big of an effect snoring had on my life. I am no longer tired throughout the day and I have been experience full, deep sleeps for the first time since I can remember. I was a little worried that wearing a mouth guard to bed would be hazardous and uncomfortable, but I really don’t even notice it anymore; it’s actually comfortable.


Compared to its competition, Vital Sleep stands out as being the most inexpensive (and effective) product of its kind. You can either order 1 mouth guard for $49.95 or 2 for $89.95 (like I did).


Vital Sleep has provided me with the essential sleep that I have wished for my entire life; I am now full of energy and have improved moods because of it. Anybody who is affected by snoring in any way will benefit 100% with Vital Sleep!