The following As Seen on TV Product Reviews have been submitted by customers who have previously purchased As Seen on TV products. Not all reviewed are customers from As Seen on TV however we like to publish these reviews so shoppers can be more educated based on what other customers are saying about our products. If you have purchased a product that is featured on our website we would appreciate if you left us a review.

  • From Jared on Magic Mesh Screen Door

    I wanted to send in my Magic Mesh review because I wanted to clear the air for those doing their research to find out about this product. I saw the Magic Mesh commercial one night and thought it was a clever idea so I went ahead and ordered it on the internet after reading other magic mesh reviews. The Magic Mesh reviews I came across were usually mixed and it was hard to know how well this product worked so I decided to order it myself and if i wasn’t happy with it I was going to send it back. I’ve been using it for months now on the back door of my house. Since I got two with my purchase and the extra one is just in storage as as a backup in case the one I have currently installed gets damaged in any way. I was looking for a solution to keep bugs from coming into my home since we a have mosquito problem being so close to the water. The product is a very simple solution that works and installing it was not complicated at all. If it’s very windy then you might have to re-enforce it to keep it to stay in place. I can now go in and out of my home with my hands full without having to open a door. The product works just as advertised and very happy with it.

    2013/05/02 at 2:31 pm
  • From Maureen on Omega XL Joint Pain Supplement

    People need to be weary of where they get their omega-3’s. I bought salmon oil capsules from a health store and I started getting rashes. At the age of 64 I still want to be able to function when I run my daily errands, walk or do my gardening. I was getting a lot of pain in my joints and I was recommended taking omega 3 fish oils. After taking Omega XL I found that my mobility improved within two weeks of using. These tiny little capsules make such an impact on my body I can’t believe it. This is a supplement that everyone should be taking especially for those in their old age or have arthritis or inflammation. Omega XL will provide you relief and is definitely worth the money.

    2013/05/02 at 2:03 pm
  • From Kendra T. on Flex Belt Ab Toning Belt

    The Flex Belt is a fantastic product if you’re like me and have back problems and still want to get a decent ab workout. Since using it my stomach feels more firm. I was planning on returning it if I didn’t see results but after using it the first time I could tell my abs were getting worked as if I did situps without having the lower back pain I usually get when I’d do situps or crunches. It’s not going to trim your belly without the aid of dieting. If you’re someone who has a bad lower back, hates doing situps or crunches or just wants to try a newer way to get your abs in shape then you should buy the Flex Belt. Since using it I’ve lost inches around my stomach and my abs are starting to show.

    2013/05/02 at 1:41 pm
  • From Markus O on Pocket Hose

    I like how the pocket hose takes up less space than ordinary hoses. I used to have a 100 foot heavy hose that costed over $50 which was a pain to lug around and when I had to store it I’d manually roll it up into a coil on the floor of my garage. The pocket hose is a total space saver and works great for watering my lawn. This is an ingenious product and I had to submit a review to let others know that this is a worthwhile purchase.

    2013/05/01 at 1:52 am
  • From Lyndsey on Magic Mesh Screen Door

    This actually turned out to be a truely remarkable product. It fit my door frame perfectly without leaviny any space for mosquitoes or other insects to make their way into our home. I did tinker with the bottom and folded it up but in total I had it up in just 10 minutes with my added effort. I think any poor magic mesh reviews are from people who had installation issues. I didn’t have any and once it was up it worked great. My dogs can move in and out freely and it’s great for serving dishes of food to the backyard during bbq’s. For the price I don’t see why anyone should complain, it’s probably the cheapest possible solution to a screen door which can cost thousands. A word of advice, make sure you don’t go for knockoffs like I did because they are cheaply made and won’t last very long. Magic Mesh is very durable and I would suggest it to anyone. Sure it will rip if you abuse it like anything else. It’s not made out of the same material they use on a space ship so just be careful with it and it will last a very long time.

    2013/04/30 at 5:23 pm
  • From Maria on Tag Away Skin Tag Remover

    For anyone looking into trying Tag Away you should keep in mind that this is not a product that works instantly. You have to have patience since it does take up to 8 weeks for it to remove skin tags. I had a skin tag on my neck that kept getting caught on my necklace which really bothered me especially the fact that other can easily spot it on my neck. I decided to give Tag Away a try since it costed under $30 and I was willing to wait 2 months as long as my problem was solved. It worked in just 5 weeks. Of course every might react to this product different. It does kind of smell a bit but I was willing to put up with anything as long as it worked. I still have one full bottle left. If you’re looking for a cheap way to get rid of skin tags the your safest and best option is probably Tag Away.

    2013/04/30 at 5:01 pm
  • From Graham on Pocket Hose

    Pocket Hose turned out to be a great garden hose. I thought it would be flimsy since I wasn’t sure how great it would be based on the fact that it’s an as seen on TV product and also good garden hoses are typically expensive. I bought a cheap garden hose that was on sale at Canadian tire and it got a kink which eventually became a hole which made it useless within a month. I’ve been using the Pocket Hose and so far it’s been amazing and knock on wood it lasts. I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about kinds or bends anymore and carrying it around is a breeze unlike heavy garden hoses I’ve used in the past. If you’re looking for a new watering hose then the Pocket Hose is one worth buying.

    2013/04/29 at 1:47 am
  • From Mike on Wipe New Car Surface Restorer

    I’ve tried other car care products in the past yet none compare to Wipe New. I have two cars which I really like to keep looking their best. I was a little hesitant because it was an infomercial product but went ahead and ordered it anyways. I was also concerned about how the size of the bottle because I wasn’t sure how long it was going to last but eventually was surprised at how long it lasted me since you don’t require too much of it. Unlike other silicone based products I found that Wipe New isn’t greasy. I used it on my faded trim, bumpers and sun faded plastic and it brought it back to new again. I’ve read some wipe new reviews that were negative but they were mostly focused on the size of the bottle. I think what people need to understand is that you just need it a bit and it will last you months. So far from the places I’ve applied wipe new to they are holding up and not looking as faded. This stuff is really amazing and I’m glad I decided to buy it.

    2013/04/24 at 8:58 am
  • From Janelle K on NoNo Hair Remover

    Using the nono hair remover is worth it but you have to keep in mind that hair removal is not a quick thing and is a very time consuming process regardless of the method you choose to use. The nono takes months before you start to notice a significant different in hair growth. I recommend testing it out on a small area first to see how your skin reacts because you might get some irritation or potential ingrown hairs. But just be sure to follow the directions that come with it and you’ll be find. I’ve used it on my legs and other parts of my body and the hair has gotten to the point where it barely grows back. I now use it ever couple weeks now. One thing you’ll have to deal with is the smell of burnt hair which is pretty gross but I’ve become used to it now. If you’re spending money on other forms of hair removal such as waxing or laster hair removal than I recommend saving yourself from pain and money and buy the nono hair remover. Don’t buy it from Amazon because a friend of mine had a bad experience. I purchased mine directly from As Seen on TV Canada and had no problems with delivery. This device does exactly what I was hoping it was going to do and suggest it to anyone looking to get rid of unwanted body hair.

    2013/04/24 at 3:35 am
  • From Sandi N. on Comfortisse Bra

    I really found the Comfortisse Bra to be very comfortable and supportive. I really didn’t expect much since I usually buy my bras from well known lingerie stores but thought i’d give it a try since I could use a comfort bra for around the house. I did look at other as seen on tv bras such as the ahh bra and genie bra but the Comfortisse Bra seemed to offer more bras for the same amount of money and I’ve spent more money on just one bra in the past at Victoria Secret. This bra was certainly more than i had expected. I wear it to the gym sometimes, lounging around the house and even to bed. It might not be the sexiest bra I own but I have worn it to work under a suit jacket as a camisole. It’s most definitely comfortable, supportive and very affordable.

    2013/04/24 at 2:50 am