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  • From Jess on Tag Away Skin Tag Remover

    Tag Away is probably one of the best remedies I’ve used in a long time. It seems like everytime I turned on my television I would see the commercial for Tag Away and since I had skin tags I’ve been looking to get rid of I decided to place an order online. Skin tags aren’t a pretty skin issue to have and in fact are probably one of the worst I’ve ever had since they don’t just disappear after a week. Although it did take longer than I anticipated my skin issue was resolved in the end which made me glad I bought it. It’s nice to know that when my husband runs his hand on my neck he doesn’t have to feel my skin tags. If you’re considering making an expensive trip to the dermatologist for treating your skin tags then Tag Away should be your first option.

    2016/11/07 at 11:56 pm
  • From Rachel on Forever Lazy One Piece Pajama

    I’m from Canada and winters here get really darn cold. I got the Forever Lazy Pajamas last year from my wife as one of my Christmas gifts and even thought I felt like the kid in the movie “A Christmas Story” when I put it on for the first time in front of her, it actually grew on me pretty quickly. I think my wife regrets the fact that she bought it for me now because I wear it all the time and looking like a giant 2 year old doesn’t exactly fit the sexy category. I bought another one online because it comes with the warranty unlike buying it any stores and you also get a better deal online. Since it’s gotten very cold I love putting this on at the end of the day and just relaxing on our couch and putting on a movie. It literally feels like you’re walking around in a blanket all the time yet you have the freedom of movement. Love my Forever Lazy!

    2016/11/07 at 11:55 pm
  • From Rachel on FabriClear Bed Bug Spray

    I had a bed bug problem and when I went to the store to buy pest and bed bug spray I found all of them contained harsh chemicals. I searched online for something that I could apply that was not only non-toxic and safe to use in my home especially because I have children and don’t like spraying chemicals around the house. I first noticed we had bed bugs after waking up with tiny bites on my body which would develop into rashes and cause me to constantly scratch the infected area throughout the day. It was literally driving me nuts and I knew I had to take care of the problem. I came across FabriClear during my search online and it seemed to like the perfect solution. Based on the FabriClear reviews I knew I could trust it since there were so many positive reviews on the product. It not only solved the issue but even freshened up the smell of the house. Couldn’t recommend FabriClear enough because it’s an effective bed bug spray and an air freshner.

    2016/10/18 at 1:01 pm
  • From Lina on Comfortisse Bra

    I love my comfortisse bras and they arrived at my doorstep in good time. I’ve had my eye on purchasing this type of bra for a while. I’ve seen so many different versions of this bra advertised on television such as the ahh bra, the genie bra and the slim n lift aire bra but after dog some online comparision shopping i decided to go with the comfortisse bra because it seemed like the better deal. I really don’t think quality is different between any of these as seen on tv bras since they all look exactly the same but after reading more positive reviews from customers who have purchsed the comfortisse bra i decided to go with these bras instead. I didn’t think these bras were going to be able to support me as well as they did since i’m a large size but they did. I had no issues with the band rolling up which i’ve read in some other reviews however i did find them kind of hot to wear and i’ve never worn a bra that made me perspire before but it’s also been an incredibly hot summer. They fit me very well and are very comfortable to wear even to bed. These bras were just what i was looking for and they also wash beautifully along with my other laundry. The colors are very nice and i can sometimes mix and match them with my clothing.

    2016/10/18 at 12:59 pm
  • From Amanda on Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener

    I love my new knife sharpener! After seeing the edge of glory infomercial and reading some online reviews I decided to buy it. The product is pretty straightforward and simple to use. I had a cupboard full of retired knives that were waiting for the knife sharpener to make his route on my street so i can get them sharpened. It was delivered to my house in only a week and I used it on my dull knives the same day i got it. Surprisingly this product not only worked but worked really well in restoring my knives. Worth the money and it’s a kitchen product that should be in every kitchen because at some point you’ll use it to sharpen your knives. I did test it out by cutting a ripe tomato after i ran a dull knife through the edge of glory knife sharpener. I was surprised that instead of squashing the tomato it gave a perfect slice.

    2016/10/12 at 11:57 pm
  • From Sandra on FabriClear Bed Bug Spray

    I purchased the Fabriclear because after coming back from a vacation I had brought home with me new guests which were bed bugs. I would wake up every morning with rashes on my body and my eyes would be puffy as if I had an allergic reaction. I soon realized that I had a bed bug infestation and simply washing my sheets was not going to solve this problem. I was going to spend quite a bit of money on hiring a professional service to get rid of the unwanted pests which could have cost me over a thousand dollars if not more. The bed bugs had infested my bedroom but I decided to buy a bottle of Fabriclear and see if it would work since it was so affordable. From doing some reading I know that bed bugs can get right into your mattress and around your bed frame. I stripped my whole room, washed all my bed sheets and curtains and thoroughly cleaned then sprayed the fabriclear bed bug spray. I have since woken up with any rashes and it seems as though the bed bug issue is gone. I’ve also sprayed fabriclear on other furniture such as my sofas just to be safe. I like how it’s safe and non-toxic. Overall FabriClear is a fine product.

    2016/10/12 at 11:55 pm
  • From Rick on Wipe New Car Surface Restorer

    I tried many products in the past to the point I would consider myself an expert in car detailing and take pride in keeping my car clean. I thought the size of the wipe new bottle wouldn’t be enough to do much and wouldn’t last long but I was very wrong. I’ve applied wipe new to the trim, bumpers, mirrors and interior of my car and when I was done it looked brand new again. This product is much better than anything I’ve bought in stores because not only does it clean great but it keeps my car shining longer. The performance of Wipe New is excellent and works flawlessly to clean almost every part of your car. I wish the bottle was bigger but regardless I will buy more in the future.

    2016/10/12 at 11:54 pm
  • From Rita on CuddleUppets

    My kids tend to get bored of their toys fairly quickly but surprisingly they love the cuddle uppets blanket and toy. It’s not a purchase i’ve made recently since we’ve owned it for over a year but to this day they still have a fond for their blanket/puppets as they did the day i purchased it for them. It’s a very clever idea and not surprised why there are so many cuddle uppets reviews of happy customers. I really found the practicality of this product when we did a long family trip to visit my parents. It was a 15 hour drive and the entire time my kids were snuggled up in their cuddle uppets blankets. My kids find it very comfy and although they don’t really play with it much anymore as when they first got it, it’s still probably one of their favorite prized possessions which they bring with them to school, trips, bed time .. everywhere! If you’re looking for a great deal just buy it online and you can take advantage of the double offers. It really is a fun idea for your kids and very practical and it’s also a great gift idea.

    2016/10/12 at 11:52 pm
  • From Jeromina on Bright Light Pillow

    After seeing the bright light pillow infomercial on TV my 5 year old daughter practically begged me for it. I did some background checking on the pillow before I bought it to see what others had to say and from what I found the majority of the customers had nothing but great things to say about it. After calling the toll free number I got really frustrated and just went ahead and ordered it off the official website which ended up being very easy. I got the bright light pillow delivered to my house in only a few days which was shocking since I’ve never gotten a product delivered to my house so quickly. My 5 year old daughter absolutely loved it. It’s far better than a night light since the bright light pillow easily brights up the room with a squeeze. If you’re searching for ideas to purchase your kids for Christmas the bright light pillow is one your kids will appreciate.

    2016/10/09 at 2:03 pm
  • From Jared on Living Well Healthmaster Blender

    I’ve use this blender regularly to make smoothies, soups and juices and so far it works fantastic. I like how it’s very easy to clean and does exactly as advertised. I haven’t had any problems with it leaking which I had with my previous blender so all the contents I put in are kept inside and I don’t have to wipe the counter when I’m done using. I’m really happy I bought the Healthmaster Blender and it’s proven to be quite the addition to my kitchen. I’m so glad I don’t have to rely on store bought soups and can make my own nutritious soup from fresh ingredients. If you’re looking to be healthy then you’ll appreciate buying this blender. Overall I would recommend this to my friends.

    2016/10/09 at 2:02 pm