In today’s high-tech society, it can be difficult to discern which reviews are actually legitimate and which ones are instead scams designed to make money. Fortunately, there are indeed reliable reviews available online, even for products such as P90X.

What Is P90X?

As may be seen in many P90X reviews, this is a home exercise program developed by fitness professional Tony Horton in association with the CEO of the popular company Beachbody, which specifically markets programs such as P90X. Consisting of a 90-day program of 3 dietary phases and 12 workout DVDs, the makers of this product claim that P90X can help anyone get in shape or attain the physique they have only dreamed of.

How Do You Know Which Reviews Are Made Up?

There are a number of ways to tell whether a P90X review is legitimate or not. One method is to look at the website. If it contains any reference to P90X in the address, or sells P90X, it is generally not a reliable source. (After all, companies want consumers to always look at the benefits of a product so that they will buy it.)

In addition, reviews with links to the home website of P90X should also not be considered completely accurate. Websites that consist of one incredibly long front page dedicated to the amazing, miraculous abilities of P90X should definitely be avoided. Reviews on these types of pages are almost always written by someone with a good imagination and no actual experience with the product.

So How Can You Find a Legit Review?

Fortunately, there are some individuals writing on the Internet that truly want to inform others of their real experiences with products. Since these individuals usually are not writing for search engines to find them, their reviews often do not rank very high in search engines. This means that it may take a few pages of spam reviews before a reliable review site is found.

These reviewers write in a realistic light, without trying to sell anything. They generally don’t have stories of the miraculous effects of any products, but rather talk about the benefits and the drawbacks, as well as any concerns.

What Do the Reviews Say about P90X?

P90X reviews are mixed depending on the type of person that has used the product. Individuals that have already developed impressive muscle tone and are impressively physically fit before generally seem to have the best experience. People that are starting the home fitness program after years of inactivity, however, quickly give up on the fast pace and high intensity of P90X.

Those that are new to many of the exercises in the P90X system risk injury by completing exercises in improper form. For the best results, many users recommend seeing a personal trainer for some time to get generally fit before starting this program. After this, many consumers report thoroughly enjoying the variety of different exercises, even referring to the program as “fun.”

Though it may take some time to find P90X reviews that are written by people that actually have tried the product and are not trying to make money scamming others, it is definitely worth it.