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AirWheel Q3 Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Scooter


  • Twin Wheel Hubs + Ultra-Widened Contact Plane = Better Riding Stability
  • Battery: 130Wh Lithium (protection board with SOC equalization)
  • Strengthened Protection Mechanism preventing you from tilts at over 45°sideways,Speed Control preventing injuries caused by overspeed
  • Range of 18-30km(may vary with rider's weight,road condition and temperature),18 Maximum Speed/km/h and only 90 to 120 minutes charging time,
  • Aviation Aluminum Pedal – High Strength, Ultra-Widened, Better Fit
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The Twin-wheel hub design  make the Q3 more easier to ride

Q3 is quite simply the ultimate AirWheel. Top of all of the models, the Q3 is capable of almost 30 miles on a single battery charge! The commuters dream, Q3 is the full package. An incredibly powerful motor, large battery capacity and solid design, make the Q3 a no brainer for anyone looking for the best AirWheel has to offer.

The same intuitive technology that has made AirWheel the best selling self-balancing transportation device, packed into a twin wheeled stable piece of kit.

airwheel q3 canadaSolid Reliability & Supreme Performance Escort your way with six-times enhanced protection. We value your trust and our own commitment. Features Maximum Speed:About 18km/h (Alert activated at 12km/h) Range per charge:About 40-60km. Please note range may vary with rider’s weight, road condition and temperature. Safe Climbing Angle:About 15 degree Temperature: -10C ~ 40C Weight Limit: 120Kg Charge Time: About 90min Size: 450*395*160mm Main Body Weight: 11.2Kg (without training wheel) Package Q3, Charger, Training Band, Training Wheels, Extended Pump Nozzle, Customized Night Riding Set Tilting Protection When Airwheel titles at over 45 degree sideways, e.g. when it turns over, the control system will activate tilting protection. The motor will stall immediately to prevent injuries. Speed Control Airwheel sets a maximum speed. When speed exceeds 12km/h, the front end of the foot platform will rise gradually and when the speed exceeds 16km.h, the foot platform will stop you inclining further to accelerate. Low Battery Protection When power level falls lower than 15%, all four lights will blink and the buzzer will beep. The front end of the pedal will rise to force you to decelerate and eventually stop

Powerful Motor Airwheel Q3

Advanced electric motors

The new motor of the Airwheel Q3  two wheel electric unicycle has increased the operating power  by 50% compared with the previous generation.

Lower energy consumption, more energy efficient and more quiet.

Airwheel-battery2Advanced Lithium Battery

  • Remarkable battery performance

Non-pollution clean energy. The same battery as Tesla. Safe stable and efficient.

The recycle number of the battery can reach 1000-3000 times. It’s life is 3.8 times than the ordinary lithium battery.

  • The largest battery capacity.

Airwheel Q3 electric unicycle has 4 choice for the battery capacity. The largest battery capacity is 340 wh. The range can reach 65 Km.

Twin Wheel Hubs + Ultra-Widened Contact Plane =  Better Riding Stability

Enhance the ability to grip the ground.

Intelligent Protection of Your Safety, Intelligent Response to Your Intention , Upgraded Acceleration Performance, Stronger Brake Force

Super convenient,light and handy

Airwheel Q3 fits easily into your trunk. The max load  is 120 Kg. But it can carry you to any places.

The  Max Range (18~65Km)

Q3 has 4 kind of the battery capacity.

The max battery is 340Wh. And the max range is 65km. It can take you to anywhere. And you do not have to worry about the battery capacity.

Maximum SpeedAbout18km/h(alert activated at 12km/h)
Range per ChargeAbout 18-65km(may vary with rider’s weight,road condition and temperature)
Safe Climbing AngleAbout 15° (riders weighing 60kg get up to 18° )
Battery130Wh / 170Wh / 260Wh / 340Wh Lithium (protection board with SOC equalization)
Temperature-10°C ~ 40°C (best at 20°~30°C)
Weight Limit120Kg
Charger VoltageAC 220V 50-60Hz
Charge Time130Wh: About 90 min (80% charged in 60 min)
170Wh: About 120min (80% charged in 90 min)
260Wh: About 180min (80% charged in 120 min)
340Wh: About 250min (80% charged in 160 min)
Pedal Height115mm (when dismounted)
Tire Size14 inch
Main Body Weight13.7kg(130Wh 170WH)
14.5kg(260Wh 340Wh)
StandardCharger,Training Band, Extended Pump Nozzle
OptionalBackpack, LED Flash Light, Pressure Gauge


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