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Beauty Spin Brush


Offer Details:

Today, you’ll get the Beauty Spin with foundation head for just $19.99 plus $7.99 processing and handling. You will also receive the bonus blush head – Absolutely free! Plus, we’ll DOUBLE the offer and include a second Beauty Spin with foundation head and bonus blush head, just pay the separate processing and handling of $ 7.99.


beauty spin brush

Beauty Spin Brush – Easy On, Even Blend, Spinning Foundation Brush

Beauty Spin Brush is a spinning foundation brush that spins evenly for that flawless airbrushed look, spinning at 180 RPMs. The silky soft bristles work with all makeup, while using less makeup and still delivering twice as much coverage to save you money. Beauty Spin Brush has an anti-bacterial brush head that simply rinses clean, and gives you even blending and perfect coverage.

  • Silky soft bristles spin at 180 RPMs
  • Even blending and perfect coverage
  • Works with all makeup
  • Uses less makeup, but delivers twice as much coverage to save you money
  • Anti-bacterial brush head rinses clean

Perfect, natural blending for all types of makeup.

Watch the commercial and see how Beauty Spin can make red, irritated skin vanish with perfect, natural blending. When you apply foundation with your fingers, it goes on thick and heavy, while Beauty Spin’s brush spins evenly for a light finish. The bristles are silky soft, and it works with all types of makeup — liquids, powders and creams.

beauty spin brush


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