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Better Sealer


Better Sealer seals freshness in and air out! Better Sealer, as seen on TV, is a snap to use, simply place bag along freshness tube and snap shut. Better Sealer forms a airtight and watertight seal looks in freshness and prevents freezer burn.


Keeping Food Fresh Has Never Been Easier with the Better Sealer!

Introducing Better Sealer the reusable bag sealer that keeps bags airtight and watertight to keep your food fresher longer. No more freezer burn or stale snacks when you have Better Sealer to keep the freshness. All you have to do is place the bag along the freshness tube, snal and seal shut so you can keep you food fresh for months. When you order the Better Sealer you get 3 jumbo and 2 large Better Sealers plus an additional 2 free Better Bag Seals and free Storage Caddy. With the special internet offer you can now get a second complete set absolutely FREE when you pay the additional shipping and handling.

Benefits of Better Sealer Includes:

  •     Easy to use
  •     Guaranteed freshness
  •     Prevents freezer burn
  •     Creates watertight & airtight seal
  •     Lifetime Product Guarantee

Better Sealer and Better Bag Seals are perfect for keeping food fresh, storing snack, packing a picnic, bread bags, frozen veggie bags and so much more!! Seal staleness out and freshness in with Better Sealer. Better Sealers are reusable and dishwasher safe. Better Sealer can save you money by keeping snack, cereal, frozen veggies fresher longer. Includes 3 Jumbo Sealer 1.5, 2 Large Sealers 9.5, 2 Bag Sealers and 1Storage Caddy. Buy the Better Sealer today!


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