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Now women can finally relax and enjoy the perfect bra and stop dealing with uncomfortable, painful bras which never seem to fit right. The original Carole Martin Full Freedom Comfort Bra was introduced in the 1970’s which satisfied women with comfort …

The “Original” Full-Freedom Comfort by Carole Martin

If you value comfort and easy living then you’ll surely love the Carole Martin Full Freedom Bra

The bra Worn by millions of women across Canada and the US

No more nasty underwires that dig into your skin, straps that pinch or fall down or hooks that are impossible to reach. Introducing the Carole Martin Full Freedom Comfort Bra. This famous bra was introduced in the 1970’s and has satisfied millions of women across the US and Canada providing well designed bras which provided freedom and comfort. Some women have referred to it as the “Braless Bra”. Putting it on and taking it off is easier than any bra you’ve ever worn.

Specially designed with comfort ahead of anything else

Designed with a unique nylon and spandex blend cradles you in total comfort. The Carole Martin Comfort Bra gives you a silky smooth fit from all angles. It’s multi-directional stretching conforms to your body and fits all cup sizes from B to DD. An easy reach front hook and eye closure gives you added convenience. The extra wide straps stay on your shoulder and reduce back strain even for women with a larger bust. This may be most comfortable bra you’ve ever worn.

The Original Comfort Bra

Ideal with every type of clothing from business to workout wear, moving, renovating, relaxing at home and perfect for everyday casual clothes. Finally a superior comfort and fit bra for women of all shapes and sizes. The Full Freedom Comfort Bra by Carole Martin Original Comfort Bra.

Features & Benefits of the Carole Martin Full Freedom Bra:

  • Easy on the front hook and look closure
  • Warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • Fits bust sizes from B to DD
  • Wide straps reduce back strain
  • No more underwires or elastics
  • A combination of Nylon and Spandex
  • Colors include black, white and skin tone
  • Can be machine washed with similar colors
  • Hang dry. Don’t iron.
  • Quilted Stretch Fabric conforms to your body

4 reviews for Carole Martin Bra

  1. Terri

    I saw the infomercial for the Carole Martin bra on tv and thought it was another gimmick like most other bras that have been shown on TV. Until a friend of mine told me she had ordered it online and thought they were pretty impressive for the cost I placed an order by phone and it was delivered to my house in a short time. They aren’t exactly the sexiest bras to wear but for lounging around the house, sleeping or going out these bras are the equivelent to wearing track pants since they’re so comfortable. The fabric is really soft and i find it very supportive. Reading Carole Martin reviews would have turned me off from ordering it but I can’t say that that I agree with any of the negative reviews. Not sure if my review means anything or if it would be published on this site but I just want to put it out there that the carole martin bras are great and super comfy to wear.

  2. Jane

    I wanted to ask if this bra is will support a woman with a dd bra size and whom is 58years old not someone who has smaller breasts and is much younger, the bra looks very comfy but I have shoulder problems and I also have large breasts.

  3. Deanna

    I just recently received my Carole Martin Comfort bras and i have to say they are so comfortable to wear. I wear mine all the time since they give me enough support and are easy to put on and take off. If you’re looking for a comfort bra then you’ll want to buy these bras since they’re so affordable and best of all provide the comfort and support you’ll want. I just placed another order for another set since i loved them so much. I’ve worn them to the gym, to work and sleep in it. It’s hard to believe this is considered a bra since it goes against the uncomfortable traditional bras. I’m not very tech savvy but ordering online was easy for me and they were delivered a week after I ordered them. Thank you SeenTV Canada for these terrific bras!

  4. Anne

    I am not a paid person for giving my view of these wonderful bras, 12 yrs ago I had breast cancer and had a mastectomy and reconstructed surgery. I used to wear underwire bras but now with the operations I found that they are so uncomfortable. For years feeling so frustrated about having bras that were not nice to have on anymore, I was in my local pharmacy browsing and I came upon these bras hanging on a rack. I asked the sales person if she knew anything about them, all she could tell me was that they do sell some but no one ever told her what they were like.
    I took one home and a few days later went back and bought 2 more. I LOVE LOVE them.The only bra that has fit me and is really comfortable in a very long time.
    For anyone that has had cancer and needs a comfy bra , these are the ones to buy.
    I one I like the best and fit me soo good is the one that is shown for buy 1 get 1 free. Its the one with the narrow band..

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