comfortisse_3er_setGet a pair of Comfortisse™ Slimming Jeggings in Classic Blue for just $19.95, plus $9.95 shipping and processing, and get a FREE pair of Stonewashed grey and FREE pair of Midnight black slimming jeggins! You also get FREE SHIPPING on both pairs for this introductory offer!

You’ll be most amazed at how the soft, flexible fabric perfectly contours to your figure.

Comfortisse™ Jeggings:

  • Flatten your tummy
  • Trim your waist
  • Slim your thighs
  • Lift your bottom

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the care instructions or how do you wash Comfortisse™ Slimming Jeggings?

Comfortisse™ Slimming Jeggings are super easy to care for! Just machine wash in cold with like colors and tumble dry on low. Your jeggings will never wrinkle or lose their shape!

2. What fabric are Comfortisse™ Slimming Jeggings made of?

The jeggings are made of a special blend of Euro-slim fabric a mix of polyester and spandex that’s super soft to the touch and very stretchable, plus specially designed with shaper technology to make you look thinner and firmer, and to lift your rear. Plus, they feature a twin layer fabric that ensures panty lines or cellulite will never show through!

Comfortisse™ JeggingsS/ML/XL2X/3X

3. What size will I wear in Comfortisse™ Slimming Jeggings?

Your Comfortisse™ Slimming Jeggings size is the same size as your pants. We have standard sizes (S/M L/XL) and woman’s sizes (2X, 3X) available. Whatever your shape, Comfortisse™ Slimming Jeggings will fit around your thighs, waist, bottom, hips – no more muffin top – and no more backside peek-a-boo when you sit or bend over!

4. How are Comfortisse™ Slimming Jeggings different from others?

These jeggings let you be fashionable and comfortable, made with ultra soft, ultra comfortable fabric, that doesn’t compromise designer quality. REAL functional designer back pockets have a butt lifting design to flatter any figure. They are like a second skin and stretch to fit any figure without leaving any marks on your skin. They look perfect with any top or shoes and look just as good as the $200+ designer brand jeans.

5. Will Comfortisse™ Slimming Jeggings Shrink?

Your jeggings will maintain their shape with regular care. Just machine wash in cold with like colors and tumble dry low, and your jeggings should maintain their shape and should not shrink.

6. Will Comfortisse™ Slimming Jeggings color fade?

The colors are made to last; upon receiving your jeggings we recommend washing them alone inside out to help prevent the color from bleeding, during wear and wash.

7. Do Comfortisse™ Slimming Jeggings have a zipper and button?

Comfortisse™ Slimming Jeggings are made to look like designer jeans without the discomfort. The jeggings have no zipper or button to struggle with and they glide on easily.

8. Do Comfortisse™ Slimming Jeggings have pockets?

Your jeggings are made to flatter your figure. The jeggings have the look of pockets in front, but with out the bulge. The jeggings have convenient, functional back pockets that are designed to flatter your bottom.

9. Do Comfortisse™ Slimming Jeggings have belt loops?

There are no belt loops on the jeggings, but instead an extra wide support band designed to visually tuck your tummy and trim your waist.

10. What colors do Comfortisse™ Slimming Jeggings come in?

Comfortisse™ Slimming Jeggings come in Classic Blue, Stonewash Grey and Midnight Black. You can also purchase our special prints and colors that come in Camel, Red, or Leopard print and still look and feel as great as your Comfortisse™ Slimming Jeggings.