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When ordering today, you will receive the Diamond-z4 Ring for only $20 + $9.99 S&H, and as a special offer, you can add the matching 1.9 total carat Diamond-z4 Band with your order for a separate $9.99 fee.

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diamond z4 ring

The Diamond Z4 Ring- The Brilliance of Flawless Diamonds are Captured in this Beautiful Ring!

The fire and brilliance of flawless diamonds have been captured from the design of the Diamond Z4 Ring for the first time ever. The Diamond Z4 Ring has been featured As Seen on TV across North America and is now available for a special offer on As Seen on TV Canada. Introduced by the Sterling Collection this masterpiece features a flawless 2 3/4 karat center CZ4 stone which is surrounded by 1/ 1/4 karats of round and tapered clear Diamond z4 baguettes. This exquisite ring combines style, luster, color and a cut that is unsurpassed.

Other comparable pieces can sell for up to $20,000, but we’re able to offer this amazing piece to the public for a VERY limited time for only $20 and just $6.99 shipping and handling. Each Diamond Z4 pendant is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and comes complete with a hinged, decorative, velveteen box that will be shipped securely to your home. You also have a chance to receive the beautiful matching princess cut post earrings, totaling 3.5 carats of Diamond Z4s. Just pay a separate fee of $9.99! We’ll also tell you how you can get free shipping today, so hurry and take advantage of this limited time offer!

Diamond-z4 Features:

  • 2 3/4 Karat Center Stone Flawless Princess Cut
  • 1 1/4 T.C.W. Baguettes 2 Round & 2 Tapered
  • Polished & Finished Sterling Silver Plate

Offer Details: Order today and you’ll receive the Diamond-z4 Ring for $20.00 plus $6.99 S&H. The Diamond-z4 Band is also available as special offer for only an additional fee of $6.99

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5 reviews for Diamond Z4 Ring

  1. Mike

    I got this for my kid sister. She loved it. 4 stars for the fact alone. Tremendous value. The Stone seems cheap and low quality but shimmers in the sunlight. Being experienced with real diamonds, this does a great job for the young girls, who are already obsessed with having a diamond.

  2. Jesse

    If you’re looking for a beautiful ring then this is an amazing offer anyone woman would love. The Diamon z4 ring would impress anyone with its dazzle and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on this stunning piece. The Sterlington Collection has released a fantastic ring I will cherish for a long time and I where it almost all the time now. Guys if you’re looking to buy a ring for that special someone then now you have an affordable option that will surely put a smile on her face. I’ve been to many jewelry stores but any ring that looked like the dimaond z4 ring ended up being way out of my budget. I’m surprised that this incredible ring is an as seen on tv product. It’s 2 3/4 carat diamond center is flawless and has a beautiful sterling silver plate that is perfectly polished to compliment it. It comes with a certificate of authenticity with the ring that confirms the value of this priceless ring which comes in a nice velvet box. You won’t find the diamond z4 in any stores an don’t think you ever will so I recommend taking advantage of the current online offer while you have the chance. I’ve placed an order for my sister and laws birthday since she loved mine so much.

  3. Lisanne

    I’m really happy with my purchase of the Diamond Z4 Ring. I’ve purhcased jewelry from the home shopping network before but when I saw the infomercial for the Sterling Collection’s Diamond Z4 I new that I had to have it. It truely is a beautiful and outstanding piece and everything I’d hoped it to be. It’s now become my favorite ring which I wear all the time now and I sometimes get other women commenting on how beautiful they thing it is. Little do they know how little I paid for it since the Diamond Z4 is very inexpensive. I read from other diamond z4 reviews suggesting using it as an engagement ring but I’m not sure if any guy would really ever buy it as an engagement ring because I don’t know how i’d feel if I found out my special engagement ring was worth under $20 dollars. However it is a beautiful ring to wear. You probably won’t ever find a ring like this in stores for the price that is offered online so I suggest ordering it while the Diamond Z4 deal is still around. I don’t really care for the rings details or it’s certificate of authenticity as i’m not a collector but the Diamond Z4 is truely a elegant and flawless ring that any woman would appreciate wearing and best of all you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it.

  4. Dedra

    I love buying new jewelry much like any woman does and the Diamond Z4 Ring was my latest buy. I started buying most of my jewelry from shopping websites such as ebay and amazon and saved a bundle instead of spending a lot more from jewelry stores. I’ve even purchased rings, earrings, necklaces from the home shopping network but when I came across the diamond z4 ring i decided to buy it since it wasn’t going to set me back a lot of money and looked like a beautiful piece from the Sterling Collection. I can see why women are flocking to buy this stunning ring and why guys are rushing to buy it for their women. It has an unmatched shine that really blings when you look at it and it sits on a polished gold plate. A certificate of authenticity accompanied my purchase of the diamond z4 ring which confirms its real value. This has become a priceless ring for me and i wear it almost all the time whether i’m at work, out with friends or going to a formal function. I get compliments from other women on how beautiful they think my diamond z4 ring is. If you’re thinking about buying it i wouldn’t hesitate too long and take advantage of the diamond z4 ring while it’s still avaialable. There’s really no risk when you order it since it comes with money back guarantee which is pretty much what all as seen on tv products tend to offer these days. The Sterlington Collection Diamond Z4 Ring is a beautiful and affordable and I cherish mine and I’m sure you will too.

  5. Paul

    I’ve been going to different jewellery stores to buy my girlfriend a gift that she would love but unfortunately diamond rings can cost a fortune especially diamond rings that look like the as seen on tv diamond z4. In searching online i read about how people loved this diamond ring from other diamond z4 reviews. This is a beautiful piece and not to mention not hard on the pocket. The sterling collection is a well known company to release beautiful jewellery. If you’re considering buying a ring then you’ll want to buy this brilliant piece. It has a center stone that would impress anyone and you won’t have to break bank to buy the diamond z4. My girlfriend loved it and said she never wants to take it off and also gets a lot of compliments from other people thinking its a ring that costs a fortune. This isn’t a cheap piece because it is made from a quality 2 3/4 carat center stone which is flawless and princess cut. It has a gold plate which is perfectly polished to give it a beautiful shine when it’s held under light. I got the stylish velveteen box delivered to my house only a week after ordering it just in time for my girlfriends birthday. The sterling collection diamond z4 ring is one that you’ll want to give any loved one and if you’re someone like me who doesn’t have a lot of money to spend but wants their special someone to know how much they love them you can’t go wrong with this diamond ring.

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