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The As Seen on TV Glow Candles are regular vanilla scented candles that contain LED lights instead of a wick.  Double Offer Includes: 6 Glow Candles – 2 Small, 2 Medium , 2 Large, 2 Remote Controls Plus 9 FREE Candle Wraps!


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You’re Going to Love Glow Candles!

Glow Candles™ are the LED color changing, remote controlled candles! Now you can light up your home with real wax candles, but without the mess or danger of an open flame! Choose between 12 color options to match any room or to celebrate any holiday or special occasion. The long life LED bulbs last over 100,000 hours, and with the timer function they turn off automatically in case you forget!

  • No more wax spills
  • No dangerous flame
  • Excellent decor items for any occasion
  • Comes in a variety of 12 color options
  • A timer option is included, leaving you worry free!
  • Cool to the Touch
  • Real Wax

Don’t Drip, Melt or Burn!

Double Offer Includes:  6 Glow Candles – 2 Small,  2 Medium , 2 Large, 2 Remote Controls

Plus 9 FREE Candle Wraps!


Glow Candles are the Flameless Color Changing Remote Controlled Candles! Now you can light up your home with Glow Candles – the Flameless, Safe, No Mess, Real Wax candles. Introduce the soothing scent of vanilla, or opt for the scentless real wax candles to set the mood with any color you choose. 12 Color options will help decorate any occasion, any holiday, and any setting – from a fun party to a romantic dinner. Long Life LED bulbs even last for thousands of hours! And there is even a timer so even if you forget, they will turn off!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


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