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Meyer Lemon Tree


Sweeter than ordinary lemons and fragrant blooms brighten any room or space. Lemon Tree quickly grows indoors or outside. Enjoy sweet, juicy lemons all year long.

By ordering today, you’ll receive your very own Meyer Lemon Tree for just $19.95 plus $7.95 P&H. PLUS, you’ll get a second Meyer Lemon Tree FREE – just pay a separate $7.95 P&H!

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meyer lemon treesMeyer Lemon Trees are so hardy they can grow indoors or out. If you live in a colder climate no problem! Your can easily move your Meyer Lemon Tree inside for the winter. They will still produce fruit prolifically. The larger the tree the sooner you will have fruit on your tree. Meyer Lemons also ripen over several months, not all at once. Meyer Lemonsare much sweeter then the standard lemon. Great fruit for juicing and Lemon meringue pie! There is always something going with a Meyer Lemon Tree tree. It is either flowering or blooming. Tons of fun for you and your family. Meyer Lemon trees are forgiving and highly adaptable.

  • Quickly grows indoors or outside
  • Sweeter than ordinary lemons and fragrant blooms brighten any room or space
  • Grows the whole year through
  • Tree size is easily controlled by planting in a larger pot

So Hardy, it Grows Indoors or Out… reportedly withstanding brief temperatures as low as 22 F. If you live in a colder climate, you can easily move it inside for the winter. Your tree will continue to bear fruit and brighten your home. Its vivid yellow/orange fruit against its glossy evergreen foliage will make this your all-time favorite houseplant.

You Get a Lot of Lemons to Eat and Share. These are prolific fruiters, even when young. Order our large-sized trees and you will be picking lemons the very first season. Plus, Meyer Lemons ripen over several months, not all at once, so you have more time to enjoy them.

A Great Tasting Lemon. Meyers are naturally sweeter than standard lemons. My children make healthy, nutritious Meyer Lemonade with just lemons and water… no processed sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Amazing Citrus Blossoms Fill Your Home or Yard with a Fresh, Delightful Scent. The fragrance is almost like a jasmine/citrus blend. It’s one of the best smelling plants I know of. These blooms self-pollinate to produce fruit.

This is a FUN Tree. It’s almost always doing something. Either it’s fruiting or blooming. When friends come over, they will want to see what’s new with your Meyer Lemon… it’s almost like having a pet.

Trouble-Free Citrus Tree. Highly adaptable and forgiving… just give it a little organic fertilizer and water occasionally. Long lived and capable of producing fruit for over 30 years. If you bring it indoors, try to place it within 6 feet of a sunny window.

Our Meyer Lemon trees are grafted on to a sturdy root stock, rather than grown from seed like many other nurseries. This helps our Nurserymen produce a better quality tree that’s hardier, fruits sooner, and has a more attractive form. This process takes a lot of hand work and time, but the difference is dramatic.


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