Shed Pal is the easy-to-use pet-preferred grooming system with massaging nubs and gentle suction that removes shedding furs, allowing you to groom your dog or cat easier than ever! There’s no harsh wire bristles, no snagging or pulling and no fur-flying mess! It works perfectly on short or long haired pets, allowing you to keep your furry friend looking neat and clean.

Benefits of Shed Pal Include:

• No Pain, Pulling or Snagging
• Gentle & Soothing
• Great for Both Cats & Dogs
• Removes Hair, Dirt & Debris
• Easy & Convenient
• Works in Seconds

Offer Details: Get your Shed Pal™ today for only $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling and get a Fabric Hair Removing Head absolutely FREE! Plus, we’ll double your offer and give you a 2nd Shed Pal™ and Fabric Hair Removing Head plus Crazy Critters™ as a free bonus! Just pay additional processing fee of $7.95.