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Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter


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If you love tomatoes and cannot resist the juicy, large and strikingly red tomatoes, Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter is just the magical product that you need! The Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter is an incredible and ground-breaking method of growing your own tomatoes, veggies and fruits.


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Easily grow more, larger tomatoes!

Order now and get the 4-Season’s Recipe Guide, packed with delicious ways to prepare and enjoy all your garden tomatoes.

Handy Kitchen Slicer gives you perfectly sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and more every time.

Topsy Turvy® Tomato Planter also eliminates:
  • Ground fungus
  • Harmful bacteria
  • Cutworm damage
  • Use of pesticides
  • Digging and weeding
  • Backbreaking work
Use Topsy Turvy® Tomato Planter to grow: Tomatoes • Cucumbers • Peppers • Zucchini Eggplant • Homegrown herbs

The Upside Down Tomato Planter

Topsy Turvy® tomato planter works in a simple yet ingenious way. As the sun warms the plant like a greenhouse, the root system explodes and thrives inside the planter. Because Topsy Turvy® tomato planter is upside down, water and nutrients pour directly from the root to the fruit, giving you up to 30 pounds of deliciously ripe tomatoes per plant! Enjoy delicious tomatoes all season long! Use your Topsy Turvy® tomato planter to grow deliciously ripe tomatoes for homemade sauces, sandwiches, salads and more without harmful pesticides or backbreaking work.

** Buy 1 Topsy Turvy® Tomato Planter for $19.99 plus $7.95 p&h Get 1 FREE just pay additional $7.95 p&h. Please note: all products have a 30 day money back guarantee minus p&h.*State tax will be added to orders for: CA and NY.** An additional $10.00 p&h is added for items sent to Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands and Alaska. *

Grow Juicier and Larger Tomatoes

If you love tomatoes and cannot resist the juicy, large and strikingly red tomatoes, Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter is just the magical product that you need! The Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter is an incredible and ground-breaking method of growing your own tomatoes, veggies and fruits. You do not have to go to the supermarket to get your supply of tomatoes, now when you can easily grow them at ease in your homes. Just hang the Tovsy Turvy Tomato Planter in your patio, lawn, balcony or anywhere and get the freshest, juiciest, ripest, largest and tastiest tomatoes!
You love delicious home-made tomatoes; however you do not have the garden or large farm for growing them. Don’t worry! This magical product can be hung in balconies, decks or patios, thus eliminating the requirement for large farms or gardens. Grow as many tomatoes you like without worrying about your limited space requirements.
The Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter works in a unique way. It hangs upside down, allowing the gravity to pull down the nutrients and water directly from the fruit’s roots, giving you fresh and ripe tomatoes at your own place! It is simple, saves time and a suave way of growing your own quality vegetables. And the pleasure of watching your favorite tomatoes growing in front of you is just priceless.
Just hang the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter, place the tomato plant in the planter, add your preferred potting soil and nurture it daily by watering. A greenhouse like effect is created as the sun warms the plant. With all the nutrients, sunlight and water, the root system starts growing and blossoming inside the planter.
Not only this, since your plant hangs in the air and does not come in contact with any surface, it reduces the risk of harmful bacteria, ground fungus and other weeds. You save a lot of your time, energy and dollars as no pesticides, weedicides and digging is required. In addition, you can also grow zucchini, peppers and cucumbers with the Tovsy Turvy Tomato Planter. So go ahead, treat your family and guests with home-made delicious sauces, salads and sandwiches.
Tired with low quality tomatoes? Or the sky rocketing prices are not letting you have your favorite fruit in your meals that frequently? Or you miss that freshness and quality of the farm-plucked tomatoes? If yes, then you have the perfect solution! With Tovsy Turvy Tomato Planter, you need not worry about anything. Just indulge in the ripeness of the best quality tomatoes and that too in your homes. Enjoy scrumptious tomatoes all year long.
Hanging the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter is an easy exercise. You can hang it from the ceiling, pole or wall, depending upon the availability. There are various attractive and heavy-duty hangers available from different hardware stores which can be used for hanging the planter. Moreover, the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planner requires a small set up time of not more than five minutes.
Benefits of growing tomatoes upside down with Topsy Turvy– 
  • Perfect for Limited Space – For people who have limited space, growing tomatoes by hanging them upside down is the only possible way. If you have perfectly sunny balconies or patios, it is all what is required to grow tomatoes through Topsy Turvy.
  • No Staking Required – When tomatoes are grown in a traditional manner, they require staking. Stakes are required for keeping tomatoes from touching the ground and to keep the stem from breaking owing to the tomatoes’ weight. However growing tomatoes upside down with Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter, there is no requirement for stakes and you save a lot of headache and space.
  • Say Goodbye to Pests – Tomatoes and veggies grown upside down removes the risk of ground fungus and cutworms. Now you can guarantee your harvest to be pest free and 100% natural.
Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter is an inexpensive way of growing your own vegetables at the ease of your homes. The Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter removes –
  • Harmful bacteria
  • Ground fungus
  • Cutworm damage
  • The use of harmful pesticides
  • Backbreaking work
  • Weeding and digging
Are you tired of the extravagance of having to deeply water large chunks of soil to make sure that your plants are well watered? Do you hate the hassles involved with weeding and the sporadic pattern of weeds springing up along with your beloved plant? Are you almost broke and fed up with searching for that particular product which provides a solution to all these solutions? If affirmative, then the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter puts an end to all your searches.

The Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter –

  • Is easy to use and operate
  • Does not take much space, can be hung in balconies, patios, decks or even trees
  • Helps you in growing juicy and lip smacking tomatoes all year long
  • Easy to maintain, with no requirement for pesticides or fungicides
  • Uses regular potting soil
  • Simple to maintain
  • Tailor made for growing organic vegetables
  • Removes staking, caging and weeding
The Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter gives you around 30 pounds of tasty tomatoes per plant! Also you do not need to dig holes or touch the soil at all. Not only this, you get your harvest in a vertical position, so you do not need to bend down or get your hands soiled to get the fresh tomatoes. Could there be anything better than this? You have all the reasons to chose Topsy Turvy and enjoy a year long supply of vineyard ripened quality tomatoes and veggies.
So if you have a weakness for rich and ripe tomatoes and love including them in your every meal, then you are looking at the right product. Enjoy making your own spaghetti sauces, squashes and purees, then go grab your Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter and satisfy your love for tomatoes.

4 reviews for Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter

  1. Carol

    Growing up in the country one thing I missed when I moved to the city was farmers markets and being able to get REAL fresh produce. I do miss the tomatoes my father planted on our land that were so juicy they exploded when you bit into one.

    In my apartment I have quite a few that I have hanging in and outside on the balcony. The great thing is that the Topsy Turvy not only works for tomatoes but you can also use it for other vegetables too. I found this product to also be a great space saver and since this product hangs you don’t have to worry about bending down to water the plant or picking tomatoes off the ground.

    Toma-toes at the supermarket are tasteless and who knows what chemicals and pesticides are used to grow them. Thanks to the Topsy Turvy you can organically grow your own vegetables in your home and eat healthy from nutriously grown vegetables.

    -I didn’t think the Topsy Turvy would do as well as it did selling nearly 6 million across america and one of the most successful as seen on tv products of 2008.

    Howeve-r if you decide your going to purchase this product be informed of a few things

    1. Plants need SUNSHINE! To get the best out of your Topsy Turvy try and provide at least 6 hours of sunlight so you want to make sure they are near a window if kept indoors or within visible sunlight.

    2. When your Topsy Turvy Planter reaches two feet or more it will require to be watered at least once a day with at least a gallon of water gently pouring from the top and allow the Canadian Peat (the main soil ingredient) to soak up teh water. Remember WATER SLOWLY!

    3. Use tomato-targeted–fertilizer or natural fertilizers to keep stems, leves and tomatoes developing.

    -By combining these 3 tips .. proper sun, proper watering and fertilizer to keep the right acidity and PH levels you’ll be enjoying Topsy Turvy Tomatoes in no time!

    Good luck with your home or city gardening like me .. with your Topsy Turvy Planter.

  2. Rita

    This spring i decided to get a head start on my gardening and I so I purchased the topsy turvy planter. I decided after my experience with it I would contribute my opinion on what i thought by writing my own topsy turvy planter review. I have to give the Topsy Turvy credit as it’s a great way to grow different plants such as strawberries, tomatoes and other garden vegetables. The design is very simple which is basically a plastic sack with a hole at the bottom which you end up hanging upside down. Topsy Turvys design keeps most bugs out however if you keep it indoors you won’t have problems with bugs or insects getting to your plants. The only downfall i found was that it got kind of heavy and i’m worried that it might come off the hook. I found that the product still works great and i’ve been getting a lot more tomatoes since i’ve been using it. I’m thinking about getting another topsy turvy for my back porch. The product is very affordable at only 10 dollars at the time i purchased it.

  3. Justine

    I wanted to submit a review the topsy turvy tomato planter because I was so happy with the results that I got from using it over the last few years. I haven’t just used it for strictly tomatoes but also for growing bell peppers. This as seen on tv upside down hanging planter as been extremely popular from what i’ve read online which doesn’t surprise me since it’s inexpensive and works great. The one thing I wasn’t too satisfied with however is that they don’t last very long since they only lasted for a season until they simply decomposed. I found that the tomatoes ripened two weeks earlier than usual and the tomatoes were a lot bigger than the ones I usually get from the tomatoes in the ground. For just $10 it’s a worthwhile product to have and you can keep them in your home, balconies or even hang them off tree branches like i’ve done in the past. Just be prepared to buy a new one next year.

  4. Wilma

    I’ve ordered more Topsy Turvy’s this year after much success with my tomato plants last year. Be sure to provide them with plenty of water for the first while. I had great results growing roma tomatoes and early girl tomatoes. What’s great about this upside down tomato planter is that you’re not restricted to just tomatoes. They should have really just called it the topsy turvy upside down planter since you can use it for virtually any plants. I’ve also used mine for cucumbers and bell peppers. It’s really a enhanced way of growing plants as the nutrients are distributed more efficiently. For better results be sure to use good top soil for better water absorption because this will definateyl make a hug difference in your plants results. I’ve seen more success in 3 weeks growing tomatoes with the topsy turvy then the plants i’ve been growing for 5 months in my garden. Truely a remarkable product!

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